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  1. Guide to assorted AR15 carbine stocks
  2. Guide for assorted rear BUIS
  3. Guide for assorted rail mounted front BUIS
  4. Daniel Defense RIS II - A Brief History
  5. Magpul XTM Panel Guide
  6. Guide to assorted AR15 Bolt Carrier Groups
  7. Guide to assorted Flash Suppressors
  8. Guide to Billet Lowers
  9. Remington 6.8 SPC Guide.
  10. Optic Selection Guide.
  11. Bipod Selection Guide
  12. Sling Selection Guide.
  13. Folding Front Sight Bases
  14. Comparison of the Remington 6.8 SAAMI (SPC) and SPCII Chamber Comparisons Using the LMT 6.8 SPC 16"
  15. The Mother of all Rail Articles
  16. Thunder Beast Ultra Series
  17. SilencerCo Specwar K Video