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  1. Hodge Defense MOD 2
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  8. Review: Ryker Nylon Gear Anke First Aid Kit (AFAK)
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  17. Review: Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire Performance Package
  18. AAR: Force on Force AMTAC / Bill Rapier, April 7-8 (2018), NJ
  19. AAR: VioPrep Ground W.A.R., Master Chim, Jungle Gym, May 5th (2018) Bronx, NY
  20. Radical Arms 10.5" MLOK Upper
  21. New Frontier Armory AR45
  22. SBS vs. 18.5" and Velocity Lost?
  23. CZ P10c
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  27. A few thoughts in moving picture on weapon lights (Modlite, HL-X, Surefire 500L mini)