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17 June 2017, 13:58
Anyone have contacts there? Their website has been down since at least Thursday night, I hope nothing has happened to the business. I've been a customer since Stan Chen owned it and have been very satisfied with their products, in fact I have a delivery scheduled for Monday from them.

17 June 2017, 14:08
Never heard of them so I can't help. Sorry

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17 June 2017, 17:54
It just looks like the website is down, try letting them know with a phone call or a post on their facebook page. You do know that Stan sold it a few years back right?

17 June 2017, 18:51
Yeah, I'm aware that Stan sold it a couple of years ago. I'll send them something via FB. A friend was trying to buy some ammo from them but couldn't get to their site.

17 June 2017, 19:05
That sucks, I think they have a 10% off sale going on right now don't they?