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Army Chief
24 March 2009, 14:39
As you can see, we've quietly added a new discussion area to focus specifically upon special purpose weapons, and most specifically, those covered by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and Title 2 of the 1968 Gun Control Act (GCA).

For purposes of our discussion here, NFA weapons will be understood to include Machine Guns, Short Barreled Shotguns, Short Barreled Rifles, Supressors, Destructive Devices and Any Other Weapons (AOW), such as pen guns, smoothbore pistols, and the like.

Essentially, all of these weapons were considered "transferable" to private citizens until passage of the McClure-Volkmer Act (also known as the Firearms Owners' Protection Act) which ended the legal transfer of any new Machine Guns after the 19th of May, 1986. It is for this reason that "transferable" Machine Guns, or those registered prior to the May 19th deadline, have increased exponentially in value in the years since.

It is no longer possible to convert civilian AR-15 rifles into legal Machine Guns, but federal law still provides for ownership of most other NFA weapons, as long as there are no state or local prohibitions in place restricting their use. A majority of the states do provide for at least some NFA accomodation.

Our purpose here is not to serve as an authoritative primer on NFA law, nor to survey all of the provisions of current BATF policy; however, we do welcome discussion on relevant NFA topics such as supressors, Short Barrelled Rifles (or SBRs), and the components commonly associated with these weapons. Your input is welcome -- and encouraged -- as we expand this area throughout 2009.


11 February 2010, 23:07
I have a registered Sound Supressor. I filled out all the paperwork pretty easily for it. My check was made out to The Department of Justice...now, I want an SBR...and I noticed that the adress for the form is different from the Can and the payable part (name to place on check) says "The Department of the Justice" ....can someone one help me?

Also; I am going to purchase the sbr upper from Noveske. And they are sending me a stripped lower for free...I know the lower is the "sbr" so am I going to be the "manafacturer" of it? and if so does that mean I have to engrave "SBR" on it myself? thanks

Army Chief
30 March 2010, 17:05
Didn't spot this post earlier, but "Department of the Justice" is, as far as I know, a typographical error. The Department of Justice is correct.

With respect to the SBR lower, unless you have Noveske Rifleworks build up the lower and register it as a factory SBR, you will indeed be required to engrave it as the manufacturer. The engraving required by law in this case is not "SBR," but rather the name of the individual (or trust), city and state of the manufacturer. There are specific requirements not only for the information required, but also the location and depth of the engraving, so be sure to do your research before proceeding. In all cases, my advice would be to have this professionally done by someone who is familiar with the law.


3 July 2010, 10:46
I just sent in a Form 4 for an SBS 590A1 and my check was made out to BATFE. They cashed it, so I guess it passed.

24 July 2010, 11:47
thanks for the reply, I know it has been a little on the late side...but I have had a dose of bad medical news come across my way and had to take care of it. I will now be getting back on the horse and taking care of the paper work that I had in question earlier. Thanks for the info once more.


5 August 2011, 11:53
I've been reading on how to properly obtain and own a SBR, but I still have a few questions (excuse the ignorance)

1.) If ordering a barrel from an online company do i ship it to my residence or a dealer? I already have a few Ar's which are all complete systems so I think I'd be safe keeping it at home. Then

2.) Since I'm going to be just swapping barrels in an upper do I fill out a forum 1 or forum 4?

5 August 2011, 12:04
This is a bit strange if you're new to the land of NFA weapons.

To answer your first question, if you are ordering a barrel or upper assembly or any other part of a firearm it can be shipped directly to your home or local UPS store. If you order a firearm, which in the case of AR style weapons is the lower receiver, even if completely stripped, it must go to an FFL. They'll then complete the background check and transfer.

You'll be swapping barrels which means you'll be the "maker" of the SBR. You'll fill out a Form 1 to make and register an SBR. You'll also be responsible for the necessary engraving and assembly rules. YOU CANNOT ASSEMBLE THE PARTS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR STAMP! My understanding is that a Form 4 is used for a transfer of an SBR from another maker.

5 August 2011, 12:19
Thanks Hatter, I've read of people going out of their way to have it held by a third party that's why I asked about where to ship it. Is is the form 1 that requires fingerprints? if so any format preferred?

And lastly besides for personal use and training what have others put for why you intended to make the firearm?

5 August 2011, 12:55
I live in WI and there is no way I would be able to get local law enforcement sign off. I created an LLC for the sole purpose of NFA weapons so I'm not sure about the fingerprints.

My reason for creating an SBR was "Firearms Collection" which according to my local NFA dealer is a good response that draws little questioning.

8 November 2014, 15:59
I use "all lawful purposes"