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26 August 2017, 15:13
So this happened almost 2 months ago. I've been reloading for 5 years now, and up until this point, never double charged a pistol round. I don't know what happened this go around, but I unluckily double charged 2 rounds out of 200 loaded. I found out about the first round at the range. It was louder than normal, and my face and hand got a little peppered. Thankfully, I was wearing eye protection, and nothing was permanent. The slide locked up, and I immediately dropped the mag, or at least I think I did.
http://i.imgur.com/IuqEmPhm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TBxm849m.jpg http://i.imgur.com/YZNDmg3m.jpg
At first, the range manager thought that it was slam fire, and suggested I send it back to Springfield Armory. So I started the return process. As many know, most manufacturers don't warranty reloads. So where they asked about the ammo and lot #, I entered my .45 ACP load recipe from the load book I've been using (9.1 grains of Reloader 5 behind a Nosler 185 CC HP bullet). My gunsmith friend thought it was a double charge and I showed him a pic of the brass:
Total double charge. Upon further investigation, this was completely plausible as my case fill was 50% according to the book. I weigh out the remaining rounds, and find one more that was 9.1 grains heaver than normal. Double check the rest again, and all were within the proper weight. Now I just have to wait to find out the prognosis from Springfield Armory.

They called me 2 weeks later. It was an overpressure round that caused the failure, and the frame would need to be replaced. Cost to me $60. I told them that I agree that it was an over pressure round, and that upon further research, it was my fault for the double charge. With that being said, what is the charge for the work now? $60. So with my conscious cleared, It looks like I'm getting a new frame, and everything else looks to be in good condition. Unfortunately, the RMA shop is out of frames, and they would have to send me a whole new pistol. It was delivered yesterday.

So a big thanks to Springfield for their service. It saved me from having to buy a new pistol. I also bought a $50 insurance policy for my next batch of reloads, the RCBS Lockout Die.

26 August 2017, 16:23
So that had to be a +++++p round! Looks like the XDM took the brunt of it. They are well made. Glad to hear you still have all your digits, especially your trigger finger...

26 August 2017, 16:32
So that had to be a +++++p round! Looks like the XDM took the brunt of it. They are well made. Glad to hear you still have all your digits, especially your trigger finger...

Scared the +++p outta me for sure.

26 August 2017, 16:35
Good on Springfield for taking care of you. Glad you weren't seriously injured.

7 September 2017, 19:31
This is a bit off topic, but Ruger did a solid for me, when a handload went wrong. It was a Ruger Super Redhawk that I had loaded 300gn. hardcast for hogs, and possibly black bear. Long story short my crimp got off somehow. The previous rounds recoil caused the subsequent bullets to incrementally set themselves further back into the already nearly compressed loads, until SHTF and the blast, recoil and pain that shot up my arm into my neck was epic, to say the least. Damn near a full out Kaboom!.

I called Ruger, admitted my sins, and asked if it could be salvaged and at what price. The crane was bent so badly, I had to beat it apart to get the live rounds out. I didn't expect much help, as their policy on handloads is pretty much the same. They said send it in, and I basically got a brand new pistol out of the deal, for the price of S&H.

I've never forgotten that, never expected it, and will always be grateful for the pistol, and possibly hand and face I might have destroyed along with it.

8 September 2017, 08:59
Glad you hear you are OK after the mishap. There's always a little quickening of my heart rate when I hear about things like this (being an idle reloader myself). I'm sure your beat rate was much higher after this happened.

As for Springfield - I'm not surprised. Everything I've ever heard about their customer service is glowingly positive and there are a fair number of stories like this floating around. It's probably in their best interest to run the complete replacement, simply because they don't want any handgun to fail after documentation of repair in their shop. But they sure didn't have to handle this at such a nominal cost - and it's impressive and generous handling of the incident.

While not quite at the same level of generosity, SA called me right before the Colorado capacity restriction took hold, checking if I still wanted my backorder on 19 round XDm magazines filled. Of course the answer was yes - and I was impressed that they took the extra steps (presumably) knowing what was going on here at the time. Service like this matters and should be recognized when we see it.