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1 September 2017, 10:27
If you were a part of my last thread you were aware that I was intending to build a V Seven GI forged receiver set into an SBR. After taking inventory of my current rifles I noticed a trend. I have a pair of 14.5" pinned FH rifles, a 13.7" pinned FH rifle, and a 10.3" Pistol (awaiting Stamp for SBR). I don't have a single rifle longer than 14.5" in the safe. Time to build one.

I abandoned the SBR for the moment as I can build another upper for my SBR when I finally get my stamp. I set off in a new direction.

So here is the philosophy of this revised build. I am going to assemble and SPRish build. Notice I did not say SPR. I intend to build a versatile rifle that can be used for bench shooting, yet can still be run as a carbine if need be. I intend to keep with the theme of V Seven by doing things to keep weight down, while not going overboard and spending a huge amount of money to see gains of a few grams here and there. If there are cost effective means of saving weight, I will do them.

So here is my current parts list with some explanations of why I went the way I did and my personal thoughts/reviewes of the parts:

1. V Seven GI forged receiver set. I originally intended to build a SBR and opted for a Forged set. This is one of the best looking forged sets I have seen. There is weight removed from non critical areas such as the pic rail and where the pistol grip mounts. The machining is very clean and the finish is flawless. The extra coating of Gunkote over the anodizing really makes for a nice smooth finish.

2. For my LPK I went for a mil spec kit from CMC with some modifications to some parts. Unless noted it is a mil spec part. I may change some of these parts in the future. I am using SI lightweight pins. Seem to be half the weight of mil spec pins. Anodizing on the aluminum is very nice. I also used a Strike Industries bolt catch because I have used them in the past and I like the design of the unit. Grip is a Magpul SL grip as I like the grip angle and light weight. I also decided to try out a KNS bolt catch pin. Holy crap did that make the installation of the bolt catch as pain free and as quick as possible. I will never install a bolt catch with a roll pin again. For $7, its worth every penny. At the moment I have an ALG ACT trigger installed. This may change to CMC single stage flat trigger in the future due to the change of the build as a whole.

3. Receiver Extension. I decided to try out the new Strike Industries Advanced receiver extension. The new extension is made from 7075 T6 and has weight saving cuts to bring the weight down to 3.8 ounces. It also has 7 adjustment positions (which I don't care about and will explain in the next section). It is a very nice piece that not only looks good, but saves a bit of weight for not much more money than a standard 7075 extension. For the endplate and castle nut, I opted to run the V Seven lightweight nut and QD endplate made from aluminum. Very nice finishes on each, and they are super light. The cost of the endplate isn't any more than other types of the QD end plates, but the lightweight castle nut does cost a bit more. IMO, worth it. Standard Spring and Carbine Buffer.

Not a lower part, however, I also went with a Strike Industries lightweight Forward Assist.

4. I know that my choice of stock may be having people scratch their heads as I don't live in a "ban" state with stupid regs. There are a few reasons I went with the Magpul fixed carbine stock. First, I wanted to use a fixed stock for precision work. Second, I wanted to do that while saving weight. Third, the LOP of the fixed carbine stock is about the exact length of where every single one of my adjustable stocks is set at anyway. So by choosing this stock I got a relatively light weight fixed stock with the LOP that I prefer. This will not be for everybody. This does, however, make the 7 position adjustable extension pointless.

Extra note on the Receiver Extension and Stock. In trying to mount the stock on the SI Advanced receiver extension, I ran into a snag. The extension seems to be mil spec in dimensions almost everywhere except for one place. The vein that runs down the bottom is about 1/8" longer towards the front of the rifle than a mil spec tube. This really doesn't pose any problem...except for if you want to mount a Magpul fixed carbine stock. In order for me to make this fit, I had to break out the dremel with the grinding wheel and grind down the area that was too long. 5 minutes of work with the dremel, some Birchwood Casey Aluma Black, and not giving a care about what it will look like because it is hidden under the stock and everything fits perfect. I will show you in the pics.

5. Barrel. The real reason I switched directions. I found a deal on a Ballistic Advantage 16" SPR profile barrel with fluting. Got the barrel today and it is sexy as hell. The flutes save almost a pound over the non fluted version. A full pound is a lot. So the barrel weighs in at 28 ounces. I have the barrel finished off with a Silencerco 5.56 Saker mount brake (for when my can finally gets to come home from suppressor purgatory).

6. Future. Would like to see some opinions from others here, but here is what I am currently planning. I will be using a V Seven 13.5" MLOK rail to match my receivers. I think that I am going to use a Superlative Arms clamp on adjustable gas block. This should allow me to run a lightweight BCG from AIM Surplus. The disadvantage of that would be that I would lose FA functionality. My other thought was to possible use a V Seven Titanium, pin on block and use a standard BCG. Give me some ideas here! I am also thinking about topping it off with Prismatic scope from either Vortex or Primary Arms as even though those scopes are heavy, they are not as heavy as traditional scopes. Again...Ideas here!

Pics in next post!

1 September 2017, 10:27

1 September 2017, 12:26
Looks nice can't wait to see it finished.

First thing about the bcg and gas block and I may be wrong. But how much weight is saved by using the light weight bcg over a standard and the weight of the two gas blocks? I would like to have some weight in the back end to help with balance.

Second thing is while Ive been working on my wife's gun. I decided to use the fixed carbine and decided that I like it a lot. So im putting one on my rifle as well. I can get a stock, tube, buffer, spring, nut, and plate for $50 at dsgarms.com. Not a bad deal.

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