View Full Version : Need Help with MEGA MATEN

16 September 2017, 13:45

Hi! I installed an Elftmann match straight trigger into my MEGA MATEN receiver and am having trouble with cycling. I have for a long time suspected because I have a JP barrel and BCG, that the rounds themselves were the issue. I have tried many different rounds using the JP chamber gauge and am only able to get the rifle to fire the first round. Occasionally the second round but no more. The second and beyond are getting light primer strikes. This has been quite frustrating but recently I saw mention of trigger springs not functioning correctly and exhibiting the same symptoms.

So I have been trying to analyze the problem and found that when manually cycling, the trigger is only going into the "half cocked" position which is clearly a lighter strike. So a couple questions:

Is the gun supposed to fire from the half-cocked position or does it need to be fully cocked?

Would I need a more powerful spring to fire from half-cocked, or is there some issue I can resolve to get it into full-cocked every time?

This is not the first rifle I have built, but it sure has me stumped. Thank you for your help!

16 September 2017, 14:23
I think I'd be contacting Elftmann since it seems to be a trigger problem.

16 September 2017, 15:06
Swap the trigger out for one that you know works. The hammer has to go all the way back to clear the cycling BCG. Sounds like the disconnect may not be fully engaging.

"Is the gun supposed to fire from the half-cocked position or does it need to be fully cocked?" There is a half cocked position on that hammer? I don't own an AR10 but I thought it was either cocked or de-cocked, AKA all the way forward or all the way back.