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26 March 2009, 04:51
First off I have to say I love this site, a lot less bs and drama than many other sites and it stays on topic a lot better as well. Even when things don't stay on topic they are almost always gun related which I have to say is refreshing compared to some places where everything is manufacturer X is better than Y, but I don't own either etc.

The only feedback I have really is would it possible to have a forum that has a place where you can post about the availability of certain items since lately it has been hard to come across almost anything? I hate posting that there are pmags here or ammo here but I appreciate everytime someone posts something like that it's just so spread out.


Army Chief
26 March 2009, 05:00
I'll talk to the management about this.

It may be that we could open up a board in the Announcements area for posts like this which (a) any member could post to, and (b) would be more temporary in nature (i.e. you post today, and remove tomorrow when the item(s) are no longer available from vendor-x).

Implementation is always the challenge, but the idea itself strikes me as sound.


26 March 2009, 06:34
The problem with these threads and posts is that they are never maintained and the links and posts are usually out of date, not to mention the fact that with the quantities vendors typically get, whatever is being posted about is sold out in minutes. Doubly so when the "announcer" cross-posts on 15 different boards.

Plus, it makes it hard for me to get stuff when other people are posting my sources! [:D]

Army Chief
26 March 2009, 06:46
I would agree with that. My original thought was that members would be responsible for deleting their own posts once things had run their course, but I'm not sure that is really an option.

It would be too difficult for the staff to keep up with this long-term, and as you state, most of these posts are only useful for a matter of minutes. This makes the plan a good idea, but effective implementation night unto impossible. I'm not sure how we could hope to mitigate that, given current restraints.

Honestly, we're not in the business of plugging vendors too overtly around here, but this is where Rainier Arms' e-mail notification service really shines in ways that no discussion board-based notification system could ever hope to match. If you're on the list, and a product comes in, you know about it in time to react. Period. I don't know if any other vendors do this or not -- but they probably should.

I'm as hopeful as the rest of you that these shortages become a thing of the past sooner, rather than later, so that this becomes something of an academic question; that said, for right now, it remains a problem with an imperfect solution.


26 March 2009, 21:23
Any possibility that the posts could auto delete after a certain amount of time?

26 March 2009, 21:34

I can't see a forum for it, but if you want to start a thread where all posts like this can go, I've got no problem with it. With a single thread, people are more likely to look at the last items posted, which in theory will give the most current info.

John Hwang
26 March 2009, 21:53
The only issue I see is that items are literally sold out in minutes.

Another suggestion I can make is for dealers who are on this board to make announcements prior to putting items on the website. I don't know if they'd all agree because it is time consuming but I can ask if there's enough interest.