View Full Version : My latest incarnation of an AR pistol and dialing in the iron sights

29 October 2017, 03:37
Finally got some iron sights mounted and took this out last Thursday (my birthday). It was an absolutely beautiful day with a bit of a chilly start, lots of sunshine and the trees in all their magnificent display of fall colors.

I had the entire MRC pistol range to myself for over the two hours that I was there. The first target below shows my first three shots to zero the iron sights at 25 yards. I thought I had missed the paper completely and was going down to move the target in closer when I realized my eyesight isn't what it used to be. Amazing that the sights were like this right out of the box. The second target was 20 rounds shooting standing unsupported at 25 yards.


20 rounds at 25 yards shooting standing unsupported

Here she is in all her glory. This sure turned out to be a nice shooter, even if it is a Frankenpistol. The build list is posted below the pictures.





Noreen Firearms Billet 10.5 AR Pistol

Noreen Firearms Billet Lower Receiver
Hogue AR Overmolded Rubber Grip
ALG QMS Trigger
DSG Lower Parts Kit
Noreen Firearms Billet Upper Receiver
Rainier Arms select 416R Stainless Steel barrel
-Barrel Length: 10.5"
-Gas Block Seat: .750
-Rifling: 5R Polygonal 5 Groove
-Stainless Steel: 416R
-Feed Ramps: M4
-Gas System: Carbine
-Chamber: 5.56MM
-Finish: Black Oxide
-Twist: 1:8
-Thread Pitch: 1/2X28
-Testing: MP tested
Aero Precision 12 M-Lok Quantam Rail
AXTS (Radian) Ambidextrous Charging Handle
AXTS (Radian) Nitride Bolt Carrier Group
KAK Industry Extended 1/2x28 "FLASH CAN"
KAK Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer and Extension Kit
Troy Industries Medium Flip-Up Battle Sight Set HK Style Front/Round Rear

29 October 2017, 04:46
Nice firearm and haps on the BD thing. Beautiful mild days are getting precious this year!

31 October 2017, 02:45
Looks good

I almost went up to Mrc on Thursday to shoot some better rounds thru the battle kitty build , but didn’t get there no time lately.

I never got into being a member there ( waited over a year with no contact and then said phuck it) but we should get together sometime