View Full Version : Whatís a gen2-g19 worth these days

28 December 2017, 14:09
Got a trade offer for some stuff the other day. A guy is offering up what appears from the pics a decent-good shape glock 19 -gen 2. Itís bone stock other then some trijicon sights he swapped on last year he said.

Not something I was really after, more so looking for a fish gill19/17 to replace one I traded years ago and regret it..

Anyways whatís this thing worth?

29 December 2017, 14:23
I'm sure that you're aware that it's worth, say the nominal price they might list in a "shooters bible" or other "gun book value" will vary all over the place given your location.

Having said that, here in KY I would offer $325 and go as high as $350,. You might get as much as $400, depending on the buyer. Actually $400 is approximately what you could get for a gen 3 given the condition was good or better. Again the price could swing either way depending your location and the market there.

In your photo's it looks cleaner than heck, that could only help.

Hope this helps at least a little.


29 December 2017, 15:49
$500 for a Gen 2 Glock 19. Many consider the Gen 2 to be the best G19 version out there.

29 December 2017, 18:40
$500 for a Gen 2 Glock 19. Many consider the Gen 2 to be the best G19 version out there.

I'm surprised you could even sell one, much less for $500 for a Gen 2, in Washington, I've heard you need a FBI check just for firecrackers.
All kidding aside, UWone77, made my point of location of sale.

I mean God bless you if you can get $500 for a gen 2 in great shape, and I hope you get that much out of it if you're trying to sell it. But UW's price, compared to what it would go for here, makes my point of how much location has a great deal to do with what it could sell it for depending upon location. I can't explain the reason for this, unless folks are getting scared by pending "threat's" and selling high/low for their pistols. So, I'm not saying UW is not wrong, but just his reasoning, due to the place he choses to live and "sell" his Glocks. Here, I'd offer you the $350 and say screw it, because here, that's what it would go for.

Lastly, I you're LEO/MIL, that's about what a Gen 4 or Gen 5 would go for under their program for LEO/MIL folks. Oh, and have you seen the pictures of UW's 2,998,736,594 tricked out Glocks? I think UW forgot about price about 3000 years ago.[:D][:D]

Not pissing on UW's opinion, just saying that we both live in different states, and even further, different counties. it's a crazy world out here. Good luck selling it MF, and I hope you can get $500 for it[:D] like UW says you might. Lastly if you can buy it that cheap ($350) you most likely would not be able to buy a replacement for another

29 December 2017, 18:56
A used Gen3 such as a PD trade in may go for $300-$350.

Gen2 19's have always gone for a premium.


30 December 2017, 05:16
I paid $325 (i think) for a police trade-in Gen 2 G19 a couple years ago. It has a lot of finish wear and needed a few parts replaced, but shoots great. For one in the condition yours is in, i'd be willing to pay $425, maybe $450. The only reason i personally value the Gen 2 guns over the Gen 3s and Gen 4s is the lack of finger grooves. With the ability to procure a brand new Gen 5 gun, sans finger grooves, for around $550, theres no way i'd pay $500 for a Gen 2. A collector, however, may be willing to lay down that kind of cash for a clean Gen 2.

4 January 2018, 02:16
Thanks for the info. About what I was thinking and didn’t go thru with it..