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2 March 2018, 19:22
A buddy of mine. Bought an Armalite .308. Then put a FFP Vortex on top of it. I sighted it in. He shot it. Then said it was too heavy to hunt with and that it would probably be relegated to the back of the safe. How sad. But. He wanted a lightweight woods gun. So. He decided on a Grendel build. I picked all the parts. He ordered them. Here's the final product. I had never shot a Grendel. Recoils MUCH LESS than what I was expecting. This gun is probably half the weight of my 20" build. I even shocked myself. Haha

Parts Rundown
-Spikes Crusader lower-with aftermarket engraving(NOT from Spikes)
-Aero upper
-Aero UPK
-POF Tomahawk ambi charging handle
-Brownells buffer tube
-Brownells Grendel BCG
-Magpul MOE SL stock
-Spikes melonite gas tube
-18" Faxon Gunner match 416-R with 5R rifling barrel
-Faxon low-pro gas block
-VG6 Precision Gamma 65 muzzle brake
-15" Lantac Spada-S handguard
-Leupold Mark 2 IMS one-piece flattop mount
-Leupold VX-R 4-12x50 with Ballistic FireDot reticle


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2 March 2018, 19:23
And then this one is my favorite picture. 5024

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2 March 2018, 20:39
How do you like the SPADA-S?

2 March 2018, 21:27
How do you like the SPADA-S?

I love it. It was my first time ever dealing with a Lantac product. KW900A actually pointed me to it because it was on some crazy sale. I love my JP Enterprise rail, but this Spada-S...I would buy one in a heartbeat. Lightweight. Skinny. Has a nice anti-rotation tab that goes on the gas tube against the receiver. Neat little setup. I know they make what, an M designated rail as well? Iíve never even looked at one of those. So I donít know the difference. I thought KW and I were talking and maybe the S was just an older, discontinued model according to him. Maybe you can shed some light on it? Definitely impressed though for sure!

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2 March 2018, 21:41
Sweet build, OG.


3 March 2018, 05:46
Hmm. Feel like I forgot that was a grendel you built. That handguard is nice, kinda wish I bought one then too. What mags did you end up using?

3 March 2018, 22:00
Thanks FortTom!

KW-theyíre metal mags. Two Alexander Arms 24-rd mags and 2 10rd mags of some brand that I donít remember. Bad thing is. When I went to sight it in, my dumb ass forgot to take the mags. Hello single feed, every, single, round. Haha.

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