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30 March 2009, 15:24
Disassembly of EMAG/ PMAGs

This is a pictorial guide to break down of the Magpul EMAG and PMAG series magazines. For those who are unfamiliar with the testing and background that we have compiled here on Weapon Evolution, below are three links to threads that you may find interesting.

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The magazine is the weakest link to most any weapon system, and while the Magpul PMAG and EMAG are well built magazines that have shown themselves to be highly reliable, it doesn't change that they still need a basic amount of care and maintenance. Depending on your shooting schedule, shooting environment, and use for your magazines, its possible that you will be cleaning them each time you clean your weapon. If your weapon is a hungry beast, then the magazine is the utensil that feeds it.

Lets look at the life of a magazine. In general, its thrown around, beat on, stuffed in a pouch, kicked around on the ground, and blamed for just about any problem that it may or may not have had anything to do with. We expect our weapons to perform on demand, and our weapons need to be fed from a functional item to do this.

The below magazine is one which was used during inclement weather work. Shootings don't stop just because the weather is poor, and we obviously need to train to fit the environment we may fight in. Its pretty obvious that a magazine that is used in conditions like this is going to need to be cleaned, and even though the pictured magazine was cleaned out in water after being dropped in the mud, you can see what the inside looked like at the end of the day.

Yes, this PMAG remained functional, but there is little point hinging our life, or the lives of others on something that is easy to wipe down and keep clean.



30 March 2009, 15:28
We will start with the Magpul EMAG, though the PMAG is disassembled and reassembled the same way.

First and obviously most important is basic weapon safety. If you have removed the magazine from a weapon, the magazine and weapon need to be unloaded. I'm assuming that if you are cleaning your mags, you are going to be caring for your weapon as well....

If your EMAG/ PMAG has the cover locked in position, take it off by pushing up as shown below.


30 March 2009, 15:32
Next we take the end of the cover, and press in on the center portion of the magazine base plate (which is the insert). We need to press this in, and then push on the base plate towards the front of the magazine. The base plate slides off, and the insert will attempt to launch itself under spring pressure if you don't keep your thumb or hand over it (image #2).



30 March 2009, 15:43
Removal of the spring is accomplished simply by pulling it directly out of the magazine body. Unlike a traditional USGI M16 magazine, there is no twisting of the follower to remove it.

This is as far as you will usually need to take the magazine apart to clean it. A clean dry rag is all that I use, unless I've been running a suppressor or something that is blowing carbon and junk into the mag and its all dried up.

Regardless of how you clean it, remember that there is ZERO need to lubricate the followers, inside, or outside of the magazine body. For those people that like to lube their spring, you are creating a dust magnet. If you feel a strong need to lube the spring, I would suggest that you lube it, then wipe it back off after letting it sit for awhile.



30 March 2009, 16:00
One of the nice things about the newest (at the time of this writing) EMAG and PMAGs is that that the follower and magazine insert are captured, and retain the spring.

The below pictures show how the spring engages these parts. They can be removed with little trouble, but most people aren't going to need to do that on a regular basis.



30 March 2009, 16:05
Reassembly is simple, and the tapered follower and insert won't allow themselves to be put in incorrectly. If you are tired and cleaning your weapon after a long patrol or shift, I commend you, just remember that if you are resorting to harsh language and a large impact device, you are reassembling it wrong.

If you were looking to drop on a Ranger Plate for the EMAG or PMAG, now would be the time to drop it on. Much like the baseplate and other parts, the Ranger Plate can only go on one way.



30 March 2009, 16:08
About the only way something can go wrong with reassembly is if you press the base plate on and miss one of the edges, in which case it will simply pop off under the spring pressure. When pressed into place, the gray insert will lock into position with the base plate and shown below.



30 March 2009, 16:11
We started with our EMAG using the storage cover on top to protect the feedlips. We will end with showing that the current generation of EMAG and PMAGs are now able to store then cover on the bottom of the magazine. For people who get upset when they lose things, this is a blessing.

The cover locks into the bottom of the maagzine in the same manner that it locks into the top of the mag. Removal is the same way, and for me, I've found that locking the cover on the bottom seems slightly tighter than on the top. Of course this may just be me, and its not like there is much difference.



30 March 2009, 16:18
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