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10 October 2018, 13:44
I just bought a "like" new in box, immaculate PARA USA Black Ops 8 + 1 round .45 ACP. This information I know. PARA USA only made these from 2012 to 2015. Supposedly, the distinguishing feature of the last run of the "Black Ops" model was the 2015 production models with the wings and scull emblem machined into the slide. Other years had varying markings.

I'm specifically interested in the 2015 models with wings and skull markings. I was told that there were not many made in the final year, as Remington was buying PARA out.
I called PARA's number, they still have a website, and got ahold of some ass wipe with a bad attitude that they don't give out that info, all the people from PARA USA are gone, with a snarky sounding mumbling of something about them.

I've been to a few 1911 forums, googled, binged and did everything else I can think of to see if it really was a limited production model. MSRP on it was only $1275, with a used price of $975 for an excellent specimen, which this is. So I figured it couldn't be that rare based off of current value alone.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to find the production numbers for this particular model I would be forever grateful if you'd let me in on the secret.[:D]

Thanks ahead for any help.


10 October 2018, 21:22
Have you run the gun yet? I'm curious how the quality is.

Sorry I don't have production numbers for you.

11 October 2018, 13:01
Have you run the gun yet? I'm curious how the quality is.

Sorry I don't have production numbers for you. No, still recovering from surgery, but the build quality appears to be outstanding, comparable or better than pistols I've owned that cost twice as much. The slide feels like it's on buttered rails, the bushing is fit so close that PARA supplied a plastic bushing wrench with it, not rattles, fitment of everything is just crazy good. I know that in itself is not a sign that it will shoot great, but I truly expect 1 .in groups at 25 feet or so, and pretty good, depending on me, at 25 yards. We'll see.