View Full Version : If you created an account, but never validated your e-mail address ...

Army Chief
10 April 2009, 12:23
... and you haven't been active on the boards in the past 45 days, please be advised that your account has likely been pruned from the database during routine maintenance. Great pains were taken to avoid catching legitimate members in this, but it is possible that a few lurkers may have also been caught in the crossfire. If so, please accept our apologies.

This was a necessary step, as the server was clogged with well over 500 "dead" accounts from last autumn's relentless spam bot assault, and it was impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. If by chance you have been affected, it will unfortunately be necessary for you to repeat the registration process and validate your e-mail address to make sure that you are not subject to inadvertent cullings in the future.