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14 April 2009, 23:41
I am looking for a replacement stock for my ar15, but I need a cheekpiece for my scope. Does anyone know what I can get in OD Green with a cheekpiece that won't interfere with the charging handle. Let me know!


Army Chief
15 April 2009, 01:15
I think your first challenge is to figure out which stock you intend to go with. I'm aware of at least a couple options (to include the stock carbine stock) that are cheekpiece-compatible, but none in OD green. If you are committed to going this route, you're likely going to be in a situation where you'll need to paint/coat your new furniture to match.

Do a web search for John Masen, Command Arms and/or Cherokee cheekpieces, and you'll see some examples of AR-compatible units. I believe all are available from Brownell's, though my only experience has been with the Cherokee model. I found it to be a well-designed, if unnecessary, piece of kit. If you're using something like the Colt 4x or other carry handle mounted scope, then perhaps it will make a bit more sense, but in the era of flattop receivers, the cheek piece solution has become an answer to a question that relatively few still bother to ask.


Army Chief
15 April 2009, 01:22
I neglected to mention the obvious exception to all of this -- and the one that might actually be best suited to your needs.

If you're building more of an SPR rifle than a short and light carbine, the Magpul PRS (http://www.magpul.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=70_88_90&products_id=193) would seem to be an ideal solution ...

... and it can be ordered in OD green.


15 April 2009, 07:21
Unfortunately for me in a time of "flattop" recievers. I perfer the carry handle!