View Full Version : Sig P320 w/ manual safety - caliber X-change kit compatibility?

14 April 2019, 19:36
Posting here because it's Sunday evening and nobody is at Sig to answer the phone (and not sure they'd have an answer for me).

Contemplating purchasing a P320 with the thumb safety option. I'd like to find a full frame, small grip in .357 sig but everything I see on line with a thumb safety is full/medium in 9mm. Not a big deal about the frame sizes, that's what's great about the P250/P320 frames, you can buy other frame sizes and swap 'em. Figured I could just buy a .357 sig caliber x-change kit and swap slides.

But looking at Sig's website, all the x-change slides specifically say they do not work with manual safeties. I was under the impression that (aside from the obvious frame cuts) the manual safety only prevented the trigger from moving and didn't have any interaction with the slide itself (you can still rack it when the safety is "on", unlike a 1911).

Can anyone who actually has a working knowledge of the P320 tell me for certain if the manual safety and slide interact at all? Is there a notch or something that would have to be milled in the slide?

14 April 2019, 21:42
I think the X-carry's are different. I noticed awhile back that P320 barrels and X-Carry barrels are not interchangeable.

16 April 2019, 17:23
OK, I've got to admit Sig customer service impressed me. I called to ask about compatibility of the P320 caliber swap kits with manual safety frames since the website said no go. The kid actually checked with their gunsmiths, verified that the only compatibility issue was the lack of thumb safety slot on the grip frame that comes with the slide, and called back to 1) let me know what he'd found out, and 2) offer me a discount on the kit for my "inconvenience". Plus they updated the website.

AB Prototype (https://www.abprototype.com/manual-safety-grip-cut/) offers CNC machining of the non-safety grip frames. I'm sure there's other places (and folks with dremels) but that's the first link that came up. So for a small price you could have the frame that's included with the kit be cut to work with a safety. Or you could cut it yourself as they're only about $35 for another one if you screw up.