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3 May 2009, 21:04
I've just place an order from C product llc for some 308 mags, Just wondering if anyone has any previous experience with them. How durable are they and how are they compare to DPMS or KA?

4 May 2009, 04:57
No experience with that particular product, but my experience with every other product from CP (5.56 magazines in both stainless and aluminum, as well as 9mm AR magazines) has left me wanting, and the level of service from the company and it's owner in dealing with these issues has left me even more disappointed. I have had the guy tell me to return magazines, then deny ever receiving the package, and then start ducking my calls to try and resolve the issue. Bad product, and worse CS in my experience.

Good luck with your .308 versions, and let us know how it works out.

4 May 2009, 10:34
Rob brings up a good reason to buy from an established dealer that you trust. I've got a few of the early C-Product mags, and they have worked well for me, but for the past few years, only PMAGs have been added to my collection.

4 May 2009, 11:56
The few times I've bought CP mags since then have been through 44mag.com and they have taken much better care of me than the source ever did.

4 May 2009, 19:06
I've had good dealings with C Products. I bought a curved twenty rounder at a gunshow and it was out of spec. I contacted them and got it fixed. All I've bought since have been good. I do hear stories like Rob_s mentioned. I like their SS 30rd mags but I've been buying Pmags lately.


5 May 2009, 01:07
Well since I've already placed the order for 12 mags...and they told me that the wait should be around 4-5 weeks. I don't mind the wait since i'm in the sand box ATM. I'm just waiting for the 308 Pmag version to come out then its time to stock up. Anyone know when the release date on the 308 Pmags?

5 May 2009, 06:44
Who makes the mags that are shipped with Noveske rifles?