View Full Version : Backup Ammo Pouch Review

6 May 2009, 06:18
Recently I have been carrying my Smith and Wesson 442 .38 Spl Revolver as my back-up gun and my off-duty concealed carry gun. I carry the 442 in a Galco IWB holster due to its small size and carry comfort. Especially since the weather is getting nice and wearing a jacket is not practical, it is easier to conceal a small revolver than my full sized Glock 21.

The most obvious disadvantage of carrying a 5-shot revolver over my Glock 21 (13+1 rounds) is lack of ammo. The second disadvantage is shot accuracy at a longer distance.

In my search to find a product that would allow me to carry more ammunition for my SW 442 I could not find anything that would allow me to easily carry more rounds without bulk and without being easily concealed.

I decided to make a trip to Tactical Tailor in Lakewood, WA to see what options they may have. Within a few minutes of browsing through their endless options of nylon gear I came across a Tactical Tailor Business Card holder. I spoke to the staff at TT and asked what they could do to accommodate at least 10 additional rounds of .38 Spl ammunition, in something similar to the Business Card holder. In about 2 minutes they came up with a workable solution and had it finished in about another 5 minutes.

The pouch will not allow me to do a speed qual with lightning fast reloads, but it will allow me to carry 11 extra rounds of ammo in a small and secure fashion.

I have carried the backup ammo pouch around with me for about the past week. It is barely noticeable in my pocket above and beyond what a small sized cell phone would feel like.