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6 May 2009, 06:43
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7 November 2009, 07:46
Not to hijack this thread, with the shooting death of Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton and the Fort Hood shooting, I am left pondering what could I have done and how can I prepare for such a worst case scenerio.

Having this emergency kit is a good start. As a former SWAT officer, I had in my active shooter kit several trauma shooting kits which contained similar items as the emergency kit. One item I had included in my kit is the quick clot package.

One thing I learned from my SWAT officer buddies was to identify my blood type on my uniform and have a prepared medical package containing vital medical information. This information may save precious time to save your life.

Whether a parent at a play ground, hunter in the woods, Police/Fire/EMT or just average joe. I hope you take the time to learn basic first aid, keep some simple first aid kit handy and lastly have some prepared plan of help or escape from harm. Do you know your child's blood type? Do you have a meeting place or escape plan if a fire starts at your house? Cell phone with local PD or fire dispatchers? Don't forget just dialing 911 may take you away from local dispatchers and perhaps to a county or state dispatcher.

If cost is a factor, an alternative medical kit can be purchased at any local drug store or even Costco where they have several prepared kits available.
The Tactical Tailor kit is a strong item to have for you, love ones and friends.
You don't have to be a soldier, police/fire/emt to save a life but being ready to offer help or having a medical kit ready can. Be safe.