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7 May 2009, 13:09
Camelbak TriZip , Coyote Brown , 500D Cordura
http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip01_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip01.jpg)
Front View
Two Compressionstraps , Velcro Area, PALS , aswell as the TriZip can be seen
http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip02_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip02.jpg)http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip03_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip03.jpg)
Size Comparison ( all packs are not fully loaded)
Eagle Yote Waterpoint Pack, Eagle AIII Assaultpack, Eagle RAID Pack, Camelbal TriZip
Notice the nice padding an mesh on the backside of the futura harness. Also visable is the nice lumbar pad aswell as the S-shaped shoulderstraps

http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip04_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip04.jpg)
Top view, Lid opened in order to use it like a toploader. Yet it doesnt really work like a true toploader,as the main middle zip likes to open when you start stuffing gear in there, it's better to ...
http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip05_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip05.jpg)
open the pack up and use the great "trizip" feature and see all the items.
Also you can see the two internal mesh pockets, the "X" ports for antennas...
http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip06_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip06.jpg)
aswell as the main pocket in the middle ( closure via bungeecord and added compression straps)

http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip07_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip07.jpg)
camelbak/Hydro compartment (3L Beast reservoir is included)

http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip08_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip08.jpg)
flap/lid compartment

http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip09_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip09.jpg)
left side pocket , fits a standard nalgene (havent tested it myself yet, dont like nalgene bottles)

http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip10_th.jpg (http://oda152.caelsi.org/upload/trizip10.jpg)
right organizer pocket, pen pockets, lanyad etc.

as mentioned, the trizip is supposed to feature the loading ( stuffing) capability of a Toploader pack, with the accessability of an Assault/RAID pack. It doesnt really work 100% like a toploader, which you can overload easily if necessary, as the trizips middle zipper likes to open if pressure from above is applied. But this really isnt an issue, as a) the compression strap stops a total opening of the zipper, and b) if you start packing the pack in the "complete open" mode, and have most of you stuff in there in an orderly fashion, just close the main middle zip, close the compressionstraps and then push and compress the content. That way you have your gear organized in the pack, and can add items ontop. ( The elastic top helps ease closing the pack if overloaded on top)

Look and feel are great, I really dig the 500D cordura. Its not so stiff as 1000D and still feels sturdy. The futura harness along with the trizip really are the features that set this pack apart from other assault packs. I wont go into to much detail about the futura harness as it's been covered by MSM at shotshow this year. The mesh of the harness helps vent off sweat and adds comfort, also camelback/mysteryranch used the perfect amount of padding for my liking. I havent done long heavy rucks with it, or tested the harness with armor over a long period of time, but I carried some medium weight with it, and took it for 3-4 runs around 8-10k each and you barely notice the weight or the pack.

The pack comes in the flavors black, coyote, multicam and UCP.
If you want to buy a new assault pack, or thought about buying mysteryranch packs... or have a impulsive buying disorder as I do, you should really check out the trizip.

I hope this short review made some sense and you got some info out of it. any questions?

10 May 2009, 14:16
Good review, how does it compare in size against the typical "3 day" packs?

11 May 2009, 00:48
Awesome pack and great review! I own several different Camelbak's and they seem to get better and better. There are numerous features that I really like on that pack. Most are the simple things like contoured shoulders straps, easy access to compartments, and loads of useful compartments. Thanks Venom..the credit card just became a little lighter!

12 May 2009, 02:46
snap, overread the posts.
size wise, the TriZip seems just a bit bigger than a RAID pack, and is noticable bigger than a AIII pack.

15 May 2009, 19:26
Venom, great review. The recent releases from Camelbak's 500D line looks really good. I love my RAID and AIII, but I sweat like a mule when on long hikes in them. The additional padding and mesh liner are smart features. Just curious, if you fill the pack up to full capacity, is the zipper/s at all stubborn when trying to open it? Thanks