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15 November 2020, 19:28
It's been a while.

I"m at our range upfitting our new pistols. Not a bad setup. Gen 5 G-45 MOS-5. RMR 6 type 2, with suppressor sights and a Tlr-1.

The cool thing if you caught it is this is a new offering from Glock that hasn't hit the market yet. It's a MOS but it's only cut for the RMR footprint. No adapter plates so you get a stronger attachment of the RMR to the slide.

So far I really like the setup. I was iffy on the G-45 when we were doing testing but it's a winner.

Bonus was I got to build my own gun during the process.

15 November 2020, 20:03
Still needs a Forward Controls OPF-G

But I'm a big fan of stock Glocks with RMR's.

15 November 2020, 20:16
There is no adapter plate on this one. RMR cut only, factory from glock. RMR uses only a sealing plate and attaches straight to the slide.

15 November 2020, 23:12
He’s talking about the adapter that takes up the gap frt and Rear. Although if your slide is cut for rmr this plate would raise it a little

Seems silly for Glock to cut it for a rmr , yet leave the same footprint of the mos models, stupid gap that doesn’t do any good

Pic of the forward controls plate



16 November 2020, 07:17
Thanks, now I'm tracking. I'm hoping when Glock releases the RMR cut that they will shorten the cut. That's the one thing that bugged me about the slide cut. These were from the first batch to come into the country. We got roughly 700 of the first 750 to be imported.

I have a G-40 with a DPP and I wish it sat lower. The iron sights are huge on that thing. As it is they barely clear the body of the DPP. If they were any taller I would need a building permit to install them.