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29 May 2021, 16:42
I handled a VP9 last summer and I instantly fell in love with. I made plans today to go gun shopping and I did. Looking for a railed, .45 1911, and a VP9. No 1911 luck. First store, had an FDE VP9, but Iím not a big FDE fan. Then they had a VP9 Tactical. Wasnít crazy about the threaded barrel or the suppressor-heigh sights, and I have no plans for a can. Did put one of the new Scorpion 320ís in my hand though. WOW!! I thought the flat trigger would be weird on a pistol. Not so bad. Anyway. Left there, went to the next store. No 1911 luck. BUT. VP9. Optic ready. Night sights. 3 mags. 81000484 kit. The one I was wanting to find it. Made sure it was new, they said it was, told Ďem to pack it up. Bought that and a Vortex Venom 3MOA red dot for it. Iíll have to get #5 plate, but out of the box, feels so much better than my G19. Havenít even messed with the different grip sizes. Shouldnít have waited so long! Now, to get it to quit raining. Haha.


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Jerry R
29 May 2021, 17:36
Very Nice - Congrats!!

30 May 2021, 21:22
Best grip, hands down. Also, once you use the paddles, buttons are just dumb. Enjoy!!

31 May 2021, 11:01
Optics ready VP9 is on my list, but never seem to get to it. Like Joelski said, The grip is great on it.