View Full Version : Preban AR value

9 June 2009, 16:50
I have a PWA AR15. It's used with probably less than 1000 rounds put through it. 20" heavy barrel and solid stock, preban. What would be an approximate value? I was thinking of modifying it (16" barrel, dissipator style) and was told that it might be cost effective to just sell the whole thing and do my own build. I bought it for $650.

9 June 2009, 18:47
For most states, its simple and old AR15, if you are looking to sell it in a ban state, its value is higher.

14 June 2009, 09:47
I have seen pre-ban Colts sell easily for a well over $1200-2000.00, depending on the condition. PWA, if I remember, is no longer in business. A PWA complete rilfe would be in the market well below a Colt and would only get you your money back and some small change-I won't expect alot.
If you go to Barnes & Noble bookstore and check with the gun value book, that will give you some idea. Check with all the gun selling websites as well for current market value. Good luck