View Full Version : Laser range finders built into scopes

9 June 2009, 16:57
I never really heard of anyone talking aboug these, but it makes sense to have a rangefinder built into a scope. There's actually a couple of models out that I didn't know about.

Swarovski LRS3

Burris Laserscope

Nikon IRT

Zeiss Diarange

Bushnell Yardage Pro

Just curious if anyone has tried them out. I read a review saying that the Zeiss had one of the best clarity and low light optics when compared to the Bushnell and Burris.. but of course there's a huge price difference.

11 June 2009, 11:50
I never understood why Barret's BORS wasn't designed to integrate with a laser rangefinder.

Weight is the primary concern with this - a mil-dot reticle is a good pound lighter than a ruggedized rangefinder with batteries, and the POA/POI shift at the extreme ranges would require an even more expensive optic (what I would forsee that actual use being).

I'm more curious if it would be possible to integrate a laser rangefinder into an APTIAL unit, and keep the final package (with tiny LCD) the size of a PEQ2