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16 June 2009, 04:12
I recently bought an EMOD to put on my AR15 with a 16in barrel, Eotech and 11in Larue Rail.

Before the EMOD, I had a MOE stock, and before that I had a MODSTOCK. I really loved the looks, quality, cheek weld and utility of the MODSTOCK, however, I was disappointed with the way the stock would slide around on my shoulder, and I didn't like the look of those rubber butt pads, plus, I could never get mine to stay on the stock.

I liked the Magpul MOE that was on the rifle, however, it actually had a fair amount of jiggle to it and it didn't balance out the weapon as well as the VLTOR had. The weapon felt a little front heavy with the MOE on there. I think ill be holding on to the MOE, However, For use on a 10.5in SBR build.

I finally scraped up the money to get an EMOD. I really liked the looks of the stock since I first saw it, and it's a very functional piece of kit. The VLTOR has three battery compartments. This is a great feature as, if you have to grab your rifle and go, you can have at least one spare set of batteries for your site and light, as well as storage in the flip open compartment for a spare extractor, springs, and o ring.

The extra width of the VLTOR stock up top provides for an excellent cheek weld, and because its a little longer, it has a great LOP for me only pulled out to the first notch. The QD socket on the stock is also a great feature, as is the metal strike plate at the bottom.

The rubber butt pad feels great with the weapon shouldered and the stock has almost no wobble at all. None side to side or up and down, just a little bit forward and back.

This stock is a little heavier and longer then most on the market, however, it really balances out a 16in gun very well!

The quality is excellent as we have come to expect from anything VLTOR.

I'll get some pics posted up tomorrow evening.


9 July 2009, 06:07
Very nice, I have one coming in for a project. Looking forward to your review.

Army Chief
9 July 2009, 13:14
I'm not one to disproportionately value aesthetics over function, but I've got to admit that your paint job is pretty close to my ideal for a camouflaged carbine. What sort of netting was involved, and how did you apply the finish?


9 July 2009, 14:04
Army Cheif, I used Krylon Camo Paint Tan and Brown.

After cleaning the weapon with mineral spirits to remove any dirt/oils, i let it dry up.

I then brought it out into the scorching hot florida sun on a lower humidity day. It was probably pushing close to 100 degrees outside when i applied the paint, and it was under direct sun light.

I first applied the Tan base coat and let dry (this took all of about 10 min with it being as hot as it was). then draped a mesh dive net over the rifle, and sprayed the lines of brown on the rifle.

all the accessories were done separately from the rifle (stock, handguards, BUIS, and eotech/mount and XTM panels.) this allowed me to paint the entire buffer tube as well as the barrel/larue GB under the handguards.

all in all it was very easy and the Krylon holds up well enough, and comes off very easily with a gel paint stripper if you decide you want to change your camo pattern.

Jerry R
10 July 2009, 19:59
Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing.

16 July 2009, 20:12
I just put one on my resurrected Bushmaster lower. Very nice.