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Urban Tactical Gear
23 June 2009, 17:55
Looking for the AK minimalist rig? Don't want to spend a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect combination of chest rig and pouches?

Gentlemen, I submit to you, look no farther. The folks over at OSOE have developed a solution that will give you all you need in one nice, neat, small and convenient package.

This Chest rig has been out for just about a year, and this is the first time it has left any forum but GOTX (http://www.getoffthex.com), which is where I found it. It's really taken off over there, as there are quite a few guys that have run them in the TRG fighting rifle classes.

Borrowed photo from GOTX (http://getoffthex.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5041094355/m/563108722?r=563108722#563108722)

So, anyways. Here's the rig:

This rig will hold up to 4 ak magazines. The lids on the pouches, like the rallyman and gen II pouches, are fully adjustable. Unlike those pouches though, it's a much nicer snug fit for the magazines. The flaps don't play as much of a part in retention as the separate pouches do.

The pouch on the left side was originally designed to hold the TRG's Ventaliated Operator's Kit (VOK) (http://www.tacticalresponsegear.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=37_118&products_id=2417). OSOE is in the process of making up a series of inserts for this pouch, which will include a removable med insert, pistol pouches, etc

Like the OSOE Micro Rig Pals version, this chest rig also features a rear pouch for whatever you want to put in it.

This one is designed to fit on the built in rear pouch:

I personally love this rig. It's not small enough to be a concealable rig, but for a GHB platform, it is fully functional.

This product is available through either john's website or TRG's. i've linked to them enough, and for to stand with the new guidelines i won't post them here. Further, As i've said before; I am average joe weekend warrior. I work for a nation wide beverage company. unfortunatly; I have no financial interest with Tactical Response Gear, OSOE/John Willis. I in no way represent their product availability or pricing. I can provide contact information for any company listed here-in, but will only do so via pm.