View Full Version : New DD Aimpoint Micro Mount

23 June 2009, 21:34

Weighs in at 1.7oz. Lower 1/3 co-witness. No QD but good price point at $70.00.

24 June 2009, 03:09
Supposed to be an absolute co-witness mount in the works as well, FYI.

27 June 2009, 04:48
Wow - $70 price point. In comparison:

Larue @ $98
American Defense @ 98

DD seems to be aggressively getting into AR space. I noticed their fixed rear sights are competitively priced as well.

27 July 2010, 07:59
can't wait for a full review of the DD combo (T-1, mount and A1.5 rear). I will very likely go with that set up on my 11.5 build.
prices for the DD mount and sight are pretty decent up here too at 80$ canadian...

Specialized Armament
27 July 2010, 20:17
The DD mount is well built and it is lighter and cheaper than any other T-1/H-1 mount on the market. I believe the ARMS mount may be the only absolute co-witness mount on the market.


28 July 2010, 01:05
ADM and Larue also make co-witness mounts for the T-1/H-1.

28 July 2010, 14:26
ADM, LT, and KAC all have mounts that can do absolute cowitness - the ADM and KAC can be lower 1/3 with spacer(s)

Specialized Armament
28 July 2010, 15:30
ADM, LT, and KAC all have mounts that can do absolute cowitness - the ADM and KAC can be lower 1/3 with spacer(s)

Good to know...

30 July 2010, 10:54
Very nice, keep us posted.

30 July 2010, 11:43
I haven't heard back from DD, but any idea when they'll have their Micro mount in AbsCo setup? I might just pony up for the new DD, or a KAC if I can find it.

Jerry R
30 July 2010, 16:12
Very nice - thanks !

Also, it's good to see someone besides me that is retentive enough to line up the screw slots [BD]

4 April 2011, 08:21
I'm also interested in the DD micro mount with absolute co-witness. Has anyone heard if these are now available? Has anyone been able to locate one?

8 April 2011, 22:07
Coming up on the two year mark - I'm already awash in Micro mounts, so at this point I'll spend more and get the LaRue (in VFZ if the QD didn't matter to me)

9 April 2011, 14:34
I looked into LaRue as well. The QD doesn't matter to me either. I'd prefer the DD permanent mount. If you go LaRue with VFZ let me know how you like it and throw up a couple installed pics if you don't mind.

9 April 2011, 21:36
Still half an ocean away from my better rifles, and I probably need to force myself to sell my second KAC micro mount before I pick up a new one. I'll see if I run across a picture that covers that in MFingar's flikr/LT images.