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6 July 2009, 21:18
Never Quit Grip Review

I recently had a chance to install and try out the Never Quit Grip. The principle of this item revolves around shooters who use the magazine for their forward hand while shooting.

Before writing this, I went to neverquitgrip.com, and read through their information. I was pleasantly surprised to see they are not trying to convert everyone to give up a VFG or rail hold, but rather, they are stating that this will improve the grip of those who grip the mag well.

I figured that since I often use the magwell when shooting or clearing buildings, that this is something that is right up my alley.

Shown below is the Never Quit Grip in its wedge shape.



6 July 2009, 21:22
Installation is straight forward, and is about as simple as anything gets on the AR15 platform.

After removing the magazine, and clearing the weapon, I used a pen to push in the trigger guard retaining pin (found on the front of the trigger guard). This allows for the trigger guard to rotate downwards. The next step is pulling the Never Quit Grip into place. The final step is to press in the detent, and push the trigger guard back into position.

Shown below, you can see how the magwell is now flared, and more ergonomic with the Never Quit Grip installed.


6 July 2009, 21:33
The Never Quit Grip feels solid on the weapon, there is no slippage or play on the receiver.

My immediate concern was that the magwell would some how be blocked or obstructed, but after running 50 reload drills (in and out of gear), there were no issues that I could see.

The actual feel of the Never Quit Grip is going to be subjective. For someone who has used a mag hold on and off for years, I like the feel. Whether someone else would may be in part based off their hand size. If you have very small hands, this may not be something you can find much use for.

The Never Quit Grip will stay on this particular lower, at this point, I can see no reason to remove it.



6 July 2009, 21:37
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