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9 July 2009, 20:49
As an LEO I have my AR mounted in my car horizontally on the roll cage behind my head. My AR is equiped with a single point sling which would routinely become tangled behind the seat, on the speaker box or whatever it decided to hook itself to when being deployed. This got rather annoying and I thought, why not have some kind of quick release attachment on my MOE Stock.

I should probably say that this product is not exactly in production, it's an idea I had which I brought to our friend Andy at Tac Taylor the other day, and this is what he came up with. Simple and very effective.

Here was the issue. I tried laying the sling on top of the rail however that was tricky and would still fall off or be in the way when deploying.

And here is the solution. A piece of nylon with velcro holding itself onto the lower support of the MOE Stock and a section of elastic sewn onto it.


The sling is simply folded onto itself and inserted into the elastic with the "end" pointing towards the grip. This allows the sling to be easily pulled out of the keeper. I leave the adjustmend buckle out for a solid grab.


And here is the final result. The stock is still able to be firmly planted in the rack and the sling stays up and out of the way, not getting caught anymore.


Hope this put some ideas in your heads.
PS. First post.... I hope the pics work ;-)

9 July 2009, 20:55
I know an officer that does almost that exact same thing with his with a rubber band. I like the TT version better.

9 July 2009, 22:37
I like it. Simple, common sense equipment.

I would hope that TT could out-do a rubber band... they have a nice shop up there in Tacoma and they are quick to try and find solutions to problems the user might have.

10 July 2009, 08:25
That is a good idea. Especially for those who keep their duty weapons in a cruiser mount and need them ready to deploy. Nice cruiser set-up by the way!

10 July 2009, 18:52
Just when I thought I was done with my current duty rifle.... I'll probably be emailing Andy shortly! Great idea, and as always, well executed by Tactical Tailor. I like that if in a pinch you could deploy the rifle quickly with the sling in the elastic, and when there was "lull" of some sort, put your sling on.