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Urban Tactical Gear
10 July 2009, 19:54
Finally, Military Moron is no longer the only one to put eyes on this revolutionary new dump pouch. (http://prostores2.carrierzone.com/servlet/emdomusa/Detail?no=61) This design intrigued me so much, i just had to order one. MM did a great review of this product, but I felt like there were a few things that should be looked at further.

MM's pictures made the pouch look uber rigid and stiff. I was shocked when it came in a paper Priority Mail envelope, almost completely flat. Like everything else Emdom has put out, this thing is built like a tank.


The first thing I felt needed to be pointed out is the back "plate." There is an 8" tall panel constructed of codura wrapped HDPE. The plate is VERY stiff, but not so much that you can't bend it. There are pals channels sewn onto the back of the plate so that you can either mate it to your gear via molle or by using two malice clips (unwoven) to attach it to a 2" duty belt. The Channels are sewn on so tight, and the back is so stiff, that it makes threading the malice clips onto a molle platform VERY difficult. It took me using a micro screw driver to pry up the webbing, leaving it in place and then pushing the malice clip through the webbing. I spent the most time trying to get the male end into the female clip; as the backing doesn't allow you to bend it out farther to clear the edge of the receptor it's very difficult to get the male end into the hole. Once mounted though, it ain't going anywhere. The plate defiantly serves it's purpose as there is no movement in the pouch. even fully loaded.

Even though it has the HDPE sheet sewn into it, using it while mounted is not as bad as it would seem. it bends enough to conform to your posterior while seated.
Ever leave your window down while it's raining? ever sat on a towel to keep your butt from getting soaked, but only closest to the door? well it's kinda like that. you defiantly know it's there.
{insert picture of mounted sitting}

Foldable pouches like the ats, egl, maxpedition and others have a very wide mouth that is held shut by pull cord. The emdom pouch has a set of "lips" to keep your items in place. Once in, the magazines are difficult to remove unless you detach the outter lip. Pictured are 6 20 round magazines, fully loaded. it took me shaking the pouch up and down for a good couple of minutes to get them to breach the rear lip, but they never passed the front lip and never left the pouch.
{insert picture of outter lip removed}

Unlike the foldable pouches which, once opened, are just loose material hanging there, the Emdom pouch is a)always there, and b) very rigid. There are two pleats on the pouch which allow for expansion should you over fill the pouch

All in all I think i like the pouch. When I originally saw MM's pictures I just knew i was going to order this pouch, write it up and return it. Now I'm going to have to field test it and do some running around with it before i'll know for sure whether or not i really like it. the only thing i'm not sold on thus far is the fact that it's always expanded. I'm sure it'll grow on me.

This product is available through either emdom's website or optactical's. i've linked to them enough, and for to stand with the new guidelines i won't post them here. Further, As i've said before; I am average joe weekend warrior. I work for a nation wide beverage company. unfortunatly; I have no financial interest with Emdom or Military Moron. I in no way represent their product availability or pricing. I can provide contact information for any company listed here-in, but will only do so via pm.

13 July 2009, 10:21
Which beverage company? I'm thinking the ammo pouch works better holding more then just mags, water bottles, gathered evidence, or your lunch ; )

Urban Tactical Gear
13 July 2009, 13:30
Which beverage company? I'm thinking the ammo pouch works better holding more then just mags, water bottles, gathered evidence, or your lunch ; )

coke. and it'd have to be a 20oz water or smaller. anything larger is going to poke out the top.

of course when i'm decked out in black and red, i always prefer to wear my m/c warbelt so i can carry my ordering hand held, and lunch on my waist....[BD]