View Full Version : VLTOR or Sun Devil flat top?

17 July 2009, 12:23
I am looking to get a flat top upper, and I am on Rainer's list to notify me about both the VLTOR and the Sun Devil uppers. Well, I got a notification that they have the Sun Devil's in. They are both about the same price, so my question is, is there a significant quality difference in the two? Will both of them mount up to my RRA lower? In other words, is there any reason for me to pass up on the SD and wait for the VLTOR?

17 July 2009, 12:57
Seems like waiting for the VLTOR will be a very long time... unless someone else has a different scoop. The SD is a very good product and very reasonably priced.

17 July 2009, 13:53
I don't mind waiting for a while, especially if the quality would be worth it, but if it's 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other, I would go ahead and get the Sun Devil.

17 July 2009, 14:04
I called VLTOR and they said they were trying to produce to fill orders from last November and it would be quite a while..............I called Sun Devil and ordered it instead (she told me 3 weeks out to ship).

18 July 2009, 15:43
well, I ordered the Sun Devil today. Now I hope I can find someone in the area who can install the thing...