View Full Version : Magpul sights?

20 July 2009, 18:14
So now that I am replacing my upper, I have to get new sights, as I will be changing out the gas block as well. I am looking at Magpul's sights but I haven't seen any reviews of them yet. Anyone got opinions on these?

20 July 2009, 19:24
Good sights, and a pair of them is roughly the price of a single rear BUIS from most other companies. Actually, the pair is cheaper than many rear BUIS.

Much like PMAGs, the MBUS can break, but it becomes a question of how hard are you trying to break things. I've been using the MBUS for 9 months or so, and have not had any problems.

22 July 2009, 01:17
Just a reminder, if you haven't already been informed. Magpul explicitly states that MBUS sights should not be mounted on a gas block. So, if you're going that route, I'm sorry.

But, otherwise, they are awesome sights. Practically cannot corrode, easily deploys your sights with a simple push, they are ambidextrous, light weight, and extremely affordable.

For anyone looking to build a new weapon or want to experiment, it's definitely worth the investment.