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31 July 2009, 09:52
Seekins Precision Billet SP-223 Lower

The Seekins Precision Billet Lower is a product from Seekins Precision (SP). This is a company that has "Innovative Products for Precision Shooters " as their tag line, and with a comment like that, I immediately thought that they had better be able to hold a high standard.

I had read comments, and noted a few pictures online of the Seekins Precision Billet Lower before I ever handled one in person. The first, and most obvious part that stuck out to my eye was the elongated magwell. Good, bad, or other, its highly noticeable. While some people no doubt will look at this and base their entire decision on the look, there is more that comes into play, and without having held one, I could only wonder if this increased length would offset the geometry of my speed reloads, or create a tight magwell. The next thing that stood out in my mind was the trigger guard, the lines looked smooth and even, and well beveled.



31 July 2009, 09:53
Eventually I was able to pick one of these lowers up, and even without the lower being built up, the magwell felt good. With lower in hand, the clean machining is very apparent. I've seen billet receivers that look like they were never quite finished, and this is one receiver that certainly does not fall into that category.

The rear take down spring is captivated, and uses a set screw to retain the pieces, and while most people aren't swapping out stocks and receiver extensions on a regular basis, I think its a nice touch.

The front of the magwell is well textured, and gives a positive grip without biting into your hand or other items it comes into contact with. The magwell is nicely flared, and the curved lines blends smoothly into the trigger guard. The magwell has an almost boxed in appearance when viewed from the side, and in my opinion, gives it a strong clean look.



31 July 2009, 09:53
The area around the magazine release blends into the magwell, and continues with the thick border. It looks good to my eye, and provides protection from accidentally dumping your magazine if the side of the weapon knocks into things.

The trigger guard itself is without sharp edges, and flares out enough to permit working with gloved fingers. Unlike some trigger guards, this is one is not obnoxious in how far it extends out. The trigger guard is also drilled with multiple holes, and while I doubt that it does much to lighten it, it shows someone wanted their lower to look good when it was begin designed. Attention to detail on small things usually shows in most other areas, and that is certainly the case with this lower.

The lower parts kit installed without any problems. There were no areas that seemed overly tight or loose. The take down pins travel without restriction, and the fire control group tracks straight and without play or deviation. The magazine catch release provides for smooth travel, and is without grit or side to side movement.

There is also a over travel screw which some people may find useful. In the case of the uppers I used, there was no need to play around with this screw. Fit to each of the uppers was snug, but not overly tight.


31 July 2009, 10:10
If there were a downside to the lower, its been pointed out by someone else that the bevel of the trigger guard does not blend perfectly into the pistol grip when used with the Magpul MIAD/ MOE grips. This isn't the end of the world, and to most people, it probably wouldn't even be noticed. The cure for anyone this does bug is a simply a couple minutes with a file or dremel to round off the plastic edge of the pistol grip.


31 July 2009, 10:10
Do I like this lower? Yes. Seekins Precision has taken an AR15 lower and blended its lines to give it visual impact unlike other AR15s currently on the market. Its well machined, well finished, and well laid out.

In the end, some people will ask if this is the perfect lower, and for that, my answer is no. Billet lowers offer features that standard forged lowers do not. They are made in lower quantities, and tend to cost more than their forged siblings. The perfect lower for me is not what others would find to be 100% perfection in their mind. I'll also point out that absolute perfection also involves a good figure that brings me coffee in bed, and no matter how sleek the lines are to this lower, I doubt its making me coffee.



31 July 2009, 10:22


Mailing Address:
Seekins Precision
1810 Birch Drive
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

Phone: 208-791-8741



31 July 2009, 10:24
Comments, questions and thoughts can be made in the below thread.


2 August 2009, 13:42
There have been a couple requests to see the Seekins Billet lower paired up with billet uppers.

Here is the Seekins Billet Lower paired with an early Sun Devil Billet upper (with FA).



2 August 2009, 13:44
Here is the Seekins Billet Lower with the Vltor MUR.