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21 August 2009, 14:52
I've decided that I would like to go with the extended version of either the ADM Recon or Scout. The obvious difference is one clamping mechanism versus two and a longer clamping bar. Has anybody noticed an appreciable difference between the security of the two?
I'm leaning towards the Recon because of the size/weight of the optic and at least the perceived increased security and stability of having a longer clamping bar and two mechanisms.

22 August 2009, 04:05
I don't have any experience with the single-clamp Scout models, but I do have two Recons, both holding scopes that have 50mm objective bells over 24" bull barrels for long range shooting--one on a a DPMS LR-308 flattop and the other on my Remington 700 Mil-Spec Stainless Special 5R (20MOA cant TPS rail mount). I also do not own any scopes with less than a 42mm objective. This probably sounds less than helpful for you. I wonder if the logic behind the single-clamp mounts might have been to build something that was just right to hold the smaller objective scopes, but no more....maybe they decided it was overkill to have two clamps for the smaller diameter scopes from both scope length and size perspectives. If in doubt, call ADM direct and talk to their people.

22 August 2009, 12:28
My TS30 rides in the Recon30, and it works very well. For any decent sized variable magnification optic, the extra throw lever isn't really a bad thing, so if weight isn't an immediate concern there's no reason the Recon would be a bad choice.

22 August 2009, 14:13
Right now I'm looking at putting a Burris XTR 1-4x in it, so it doesn't have a huge objective. It is fairly long and has long eye relief. An Accupoint may go on it later.
I emailed ADM to see what they say. If nothing is lost with one clamping lever except weight, I may go with the Scout.

24 August 2009, 19:11
The email I got back from ADM today basically said all the Recon does is add a longer clamping surface but that either one would do well. They did say that they have gotten some people that report the Recon "stiffens" the upper.
I think I'm going with the Scout and save a little weight/rail space.

29 August 2009, 16:23
Got the Scout.