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Urban Tactical Gear
27 August 2009, 13:03
There have been plenty of tactical gear companies to release shotgun related pouches or accessories . In the past the products have ranged from pull out trays that fit into rilfe magazine pouches to m4 pouches with elastic on the front for shotgun shells.

In recent days there has been a new product developed and produced from the mind of John Willis at Osoe. It is a dedicated shot shell pouch. It features two shot shell trays holding six rounds each. It takes up two pals channels.

The first feature of this pouch is that the first shot shell carrier is velcroed on the front of the pouch. there is enough hook and loop on this thing to make sure that they aren't going anywhere.

After you expend the first six rounds, simply pull the tab at the top of the pouch downwards to seperate the outter carrier from the pouch. let it fall free. Then pull the new panel from the interior of the pouch and let it fall foward so that it secures to the velcro as well.

The pouch is only as deep as two rows of shotshells so it doesn't hang off your rig to far.

Now i just got this in, so i haven't had a chance to run it yet, but i just HAD to show it off.

Shown below on a OSOE Micro-Rig Pals version, OSOE Da Gen II rifle pouch (containing two 20 round ak mags) and a double pistol pouch (containing two 1911 mags)

29 September 2009, 10:25
very nice, OSOE make good stuff.

3 October 2009, 15:08
Cool but would seem slow to reload the shotgun with.

I shoot some outlaw 3gun but mostly shoot USPSA rules multigun.

My first reload comes off the side saddle (I use a 3gungear.com) velcro'd on side saddle. My 2nd/3rd reload comes off my 19 rounds Mark Otto arm band that's on my support arm. My forth reload comes off the belt. Most stages won't call for that many rounds. My gun holds 8+1 or 9+1 with my Nordic Components extension. (FN SLP Mk1).

Jerry R
5 October 2009, 12:16
I think this is an excellent concept, and very well executed. I don't shoot 3-Gun (yet?) but it makes a very well rounded plate.

Thanks for sharing.