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3 September 2009, 19:32
I noticed something interesting the other day in training...Scumhunter's Burris FastFire was almost glowing orange from the business end. I noticed this on our indoor range which was dimly lit. I mentioned it to him and we both checked it out but were unable to see any visible orange glow from the front. A few days a later we were conducting some team training inside of an abandoned church during daylight hours. This time I was using the same rifle and had two other team members say the exact same thing to me which was that they could both see the orange glow coming down the hallway. Have any of you noticed the orange signature on your Burris red dot devices? I assume that it has something to do with the reflective coating on the lens but can't say for sure. If anyone else can shed any light, no pun intended, on this matter it would be greatly appreciated. The orange glow is definitely not something people need to see when we are approaching a house for a warrant.

3 September 2009, 19:42
I haven't heard of this happening to anyone else, I wonder if yours is a freak, or if its going to be more common as they get into duty use on a more and more frequent basis.

3 September 2009, 20:04
When I had mine, I do remember seeing something like that when my friend and I were trying it out indoors. The other thing that I noticed, which was the main reason I got rid of it was that in the dark, the dot turned into what I can only describe as a huge strawberry looking reticle. I contacted Burris and was told it was normal at night due to the design, which he said was common in those types of sites. Low and behold, he was right, as I noticed similar thing with the JPoint and the DOC Sight. ANother thing was that the reticle was washed out by white light and it wasn't all that bright in the dark.

IMHO, I wouldn't use the Fastfire, JPOint, or DOC on my duty AR. There are a couple of new ones coming out that have an auto/on/off switch that may fix that problem.

3 September 2009, 22:40

The Burris FastFire uses an auto adjustment setting for its reticle which might explain your huge "strawberry reticle". I think the concept is solid but I still like the manual adjustment settings on EOTech's better. The auto brightness setting is nice in theory but there are just certain times when you may be shooting against a light or off colored background and you may need to boost the reticle setting up a few notches. On the Burris it is pre-set and you are stuck with what you have. Without having the rifle in front of me I can only speak from memory but I believe the lens had a slight outward curve to it. I can only speculate that the curve of the lens is collecting light and then reflecting it back out. I really don't know but it is very noticeable in several different lighting conditions. In my opinion it is something that officers and people need to be aware of.