View Full Version : Going to GUN SHOW this weekend...Any advice?

4 September 2009, 01:13
I am going to my first gun show in quite some time. So I feel very green and naive. Having said that is a gun show a good place to find .223 ammo or should I keep to orderinf online? Plus are guns shows a good place to trade guns? Thanks for any insight, opinions and advice in advance.

4 September 2009, 02:51
Gun shows in my area are only interesting if you're into body odor and beef jerky. Ammo prices are still a touch high with a few exceptions and AR related tables are mostly swimming with Oly trash. Any decent ARs are still way overpriced. For me they're largely a waste of time unless I find a decent bolt action, it has been years since I felt like I got a great deal from a gun show.

4 September 2009, 06:19
I'd have to say that ordering online as of late has been the best way to get ammo for me. And I'd have to agree with spam w/ the freaking BO and jerky my wife says there should be a decontamination area at the gun show for some people. The best shows were right after Obama got elected just for the entertainment factor and shock of sticker prices.

4 September 2009, 06:50
IMHO do not take your credit or debit cards with you :)
Order ammo and parts on line...I just use a show to see what might be new. I don't seem to find great deals at shows anymore. Sometimes you will run into another show patron that has something good to sell out in the parking lot.

Lex Talionis
4 September 2009, 14:23
bypass the samurai swords, throwing stars, beef jerky, blow guns, stun guns, replica Rambo knifes... as a matter of fact, bypass the whole show as any more, gun shows are garage sales.

online ordering... the best way to go.