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5 September 2009, 17:02
Hello Glock guys out there. I was reading the Glock 19 thread in here and Ive been wanting one for quite some time especially since I do not own a 9mm of any kind right now. My buddy just purchased a G19 for his wife and it is now his favorite gun...go figure lol. Anyway that thread and my buddy now make me wish I had a G19 or wish I would have bought one instead of the G23 I currently own. I would like to add that I do not like my G23 and neither does my buddy with the G19. It just doenst shoot well and I do not like the recoil. I want to trade it for a G19 or sell it and buy a G19. Now to my question in which I started this thread for...

Do you guys prefer the regular Glocks or the compensated ones? What are the benefits, pros, cons, etc of the compenseted Glocks?

6 September 2009, 06:40
If this is for carry, don't get a compensated gun. They are bad for a whole variety of reasons. These include:
1) Potential to flash burn the shooter
2) Flash temporarily blinds shooter in low light situations.

Both of these are bad things in a SHTF situation.

7 September 2009, 10:24
A few years back my wife and I bought each other glocks for our anniversary. She got the 17C and I got the 22. The compensated model is fun to shoot but the biggest thing I've run into is the flash that can be bad in low light or no light situations and the front sight gets dirty quick as well. It's a fun gun but I wouldn't recommend it for any self defense situation.

7 September 2009, 15:11
I you do not like the recoil of your Glock 23 the first thing I would do is to try different recoil springs. Normally lighter is better. If you will not find a combination of ammunition and recoil spring that makes the gun comfortable for you then I would consider selling the 23.

More info can be found here: http://www.custom-glock.com/springtech.html

I would stay away form the ported Glocks: Much louder and if you fire the gun close to your body it might get pretty uncomfortable! Do not do it!

However if you do not like the 23 why do you think you will be better of with a 19? There are many fine pistols available and the Glock is very unique compared to other guns. So it is not the best gun for everyone. (I get a long with a Glock but I shot much better with a CZ...)

7 September 2009, 15:57
The G19 is a very enjoyable pistol to shoot with. Yes, the ports throw out some flash, but its not anywhere near as much as what the Glock ads show. The nice thing about buying a ported Glock like the 19C is that you can drop in a non-comp barrel for carry if needed.

I carry a Glock 19 as my offduty weapon 99%+ of the time, it is a fantastic weapon, and while the 23 is the same size, I wouldn't carry it.