View Full Version : Bobro Aimpoint T1 Mount?

6 September 2009, 07:02
Hey guys:
I keep hearing rumors of a Bobro Aimpoint T1 mount. Was curious if anyone else knew more than, "It may be coming out..."

25 October 2010, 23:26
I am curious about this as well.....

26 October 2010, 08:41
The last thing that I had heard was that it was ready, but that other manufacturing priorities were taking precedent. Personally I think its a bad call. IMO it would be better to run a few here and there and release small amounts, that way people would see them an interest would build. Instead, we have something which has been talked about for 2 years and people have almost lost interest in. Of course if the product isn't ready or finalized, its all a moot point.

Bobro could grab a very large chunk of the market with their designs.

26 October 2010, 12:40
I know I'll buy one and sell my LT mount as soon as they are released as long as it's lower 1/3 cowitness

John Hwang
26 October 2010, 15:30
The problem with BOBRO is the fact that they can not keep up with current demand so coming up with new product is virtually impossible. That 's the problem with making such a great part. He's not the biggest shop in the world but he's adding machines and adding staff as fast as he is able. It's a shame because he makes some amazing products and he's got many in the works that would all sell very well.

26 October 2010, 17:54

I agree 100%. If he were releasing items in batches, and included some of his newer items, I think he would expand his market share in a huge way. Right now he OEMs for Trijicon, which no doubt eats a massive chunk of his time. I think when guys think of Bobro, they think M2/M3/ Comp M4, and a couple scope mounts. While there was a lot of interest in the Bobro T-1 two years ago, without any of them coming to market, the interest has died off.

With the OEM Trijicon components, he is making a product which doesn't have his name, which I think hurts him. Hopefully he can get additional machines up and running. I've met Andrew once or twice, and he is a great guy with a great product. He makes one of the best products that no one can get, and that few know about.

5 November 2010, 15:18
I agree with both of you! The T1 has been in the design process for so long that I think the buzz has definitely worn off. Fortunately, The T1 mount is nearing completion and the T1 is still one of the most popular micro optics available. Hopefully Andrew learns something about bringing out new products when the demand is high. There is no doubt in my mind that the Bobro QD mounts are the finest mounts on the market but with no advertising and Andrew not promoting his products or himself it makes it difficult to become a big player in the QD market with only a grassroots campaign. There are several new products in the works including the T1 mount, and XPS and full size EOTech mount, and new dual lever over-sized ring for the Schmidt & Bender long range scope, Gen 3 bi-pods going back into production and some other things. Let's hope that production will eventually be able to meet the demand!

5 November 2010, 15:27
What is it about the BoBro T-1 mount that makes it better than, say, the Larue LT mount?

5 November 2010, 18:46
I don't know if you can really say one is that much better than the other. Both are high quality builds, work very well at repeating zero consistently, but how they function IS a little different. The Bobro mount is self adjusting which means you just put it on and its rock solid! It doesn't matter if your rail is slightly out of spec the Bobro will auto adjust to fit perfectly and solidly!! That is something that no other mount is currently doing. Both Bobro and LaRue build excellent quality products. LaRue just has far more products and options currently compared to Bobro. As mentioned in a previous thread...LaRue is working with far more CNC machines and employees compared to Andrew. I think you will really like the T1 mount.

6 November 2010, 02:44
Im interested in more details on the upcoming Bobro Eotech XPS mount you spoke of....

6 November 2010, 15:20
Well...the XPS and 512 were sent to Andrew for measuring last week and got looked at on Monday. Measurements are completed and we should be seeing something shortly. Although the T1 mount isn't officially out yet I can tell you it will be a smaller version of the base we are already familiar with. I can't say for sure but I'm guessing that base will serve double duty for both the T1 and the XPS model. the XPS base will raise the XPS to give the user a lower 1/3 co-witness. There isn't alot to give you on the larger version but it should be compatible with longer models such as the 512. When I have more info or pics I will post them.