View Full Version : New Item Released Wed Morning...

6 November 2007, 19:06
Just a heads up for people browsing the site. Wed morning we will be assisting in the launch of a new product from a currently unknown company.

We have been involved in T&E for the past few weeks, and have a feeling that this is going to shake up the current market,

We will update shortly with more info, and lots of pictures.

ETA- American Defense Manufacturing information and mounts reviewed in other threads.

7 November 2007, 06:03
Is it Metal or Plastic? [:)]

8 November 2007, 13:08
Hey its Thursday its time to spill the beans[:)]

8 November 2007, 15:41
The beans are the American Defense Mounts. There is more coming aside from this, but not that can be made public right now.

Public upcoming items are the Primary Weapon System Piston AR15, and Bobro Bipod.

10 November 2007, 11:38
Ha Ha I was hit with the stupid stick when I posted that!