View Full Version : Is this guy for real? Ignatius Piazza

23 September 2009, 21:58
I've only seen one customer review online for his firearms school and it looked pretty good but to me this guy sounds similar to those infomercials that are just hawking something.

Is this guy for real or is it too good to be true? He seems to try to capitalize on every news opportunity to hawk his school:


24 September 2009, 09:07
I wish I could say that Google is your friend, but I can't. I've seen a lot of stuff posted that is strongly in favor of or strongly against Front Sight. Unfortunately, my browser doesn't have a B.S. meter, so I am unable to determine the truth of either.

Until someone whose opinion I regard highly (Any of the moderators here) says the place is good to go, I am left with my instinct of "If it's to good to be true . . . "

For me personally, there are many other outfits that offer great training that don't have controversy around them for me to spend much time considering this one.