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7 November 2007, 08:32
Weaponevolution.com is happy to announce that American Defense Manufacturing Aimpoint mounts have now been released onto the market.

Below is the link to our initial review of the ADM mounts. LE and MIL Staff have been working with various mounts, and will provide a more detailed review as we get more time to provide updates.


We will be happy to give answers to whatever questions we can answer based on our experiences, so feel free to fire away with questions or comments.


7 November 2007, 09:12
Is there any set pricing for these mounts yet? How will they compare in price to the other high-end products offered from Larue, etc? Thanks.

7 November 2007, 14:55
Is there any set pricing for these mounts yet? How will they compare in price to the other high-end products offered from Larue, etc? Thanks.

I've got the price listing around somewhere, I'll dig it out and post the MSRP.

Prices should be pretty competitive to everything else available.

7 November 2007, 14:58
Here is the MSRP listing, retail will probably be a few dollars less (I am guessing).

AD-68C (Aimpoint Cantilever)- $139.95.

AD-68 (Standard Aimpoint)- $109.95.

AD-68L (Low profile Aimpoint)- $109.95.

7 November 2007, 15:44
Nice Mounts.

What kind of safety wired covers are on the Aimpoint ?

7 November 2007, 16:00
Those are off an early Aimpoint.

25 November 2007, 15:25
Looks good.

26 November 2007, 15:03
Any pictures of the bottom of the mount? The part that grabs the rail?

26 November 2007, 16:07
You can see the bottom in Sticks review located here (http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?t=164).

26 November 2007, 16:23
Any pictures of the bottom of the mount? The part that grabs the rail?

The entire length of the mount base grabs the rail, which is nice for obvious reasons.

3 December 2007, 17:32
I just got two of units to test today. A recon mount, and a standard aimpoint mount. I haven't had time to test them for real yet, but my first impression is WOW!

Can't wait to try them out.

3 December 2007, 17:54
That was my impression as well. Headed to the range this weekend to test out my AD-RECON on my 6.8


3 December 2007, 19:03
is there a MSRP on the AD-Recon mount?

release date?

3 December 2007, 19:35
That was my impression as well. Headed to the range this weekend to test out my AD-RECON on my 6.8


nice blaster.

4 December 2007, 01:16
is there a MSRP on the AD-Recon mount?

release date?

Its out now, the extended version should be out shortly. No idea on the price, right now.

5.56 Five0
5 January 2008, 12:07

5.56 Five0
5 January 2008, 22:09

6 January 2008, 11:03
Image 1: Remove battery cover, battery, and install optic in mount.


Image 2: Reinstall battery, battery cover.


Image 3: Illustrates no clearance issues with the mount and battery cover.


6 January 2008, 11:23
For what its worth, I am using all 6 screw GEN I ADM mounts without issue. I
had no problems orienting the rings properly, no problems torquing the screws
to the recommended 55 inch/pounds, no problems ripping out the threaded
inserts, and no problems with canting.

ADM offered GEN II replacements, which I did not take them up on simply
because the GEN I mounts work when installed as instructed.

I am however bothered by the fact that you are here complaining about
issues that you were clearly made aware of long before receiving your ADM
GEN I mount. From other threads on TOS you knew 6 screw models could be
problematic. You also knew that the rings could be accidentally oriented the
wrong way if close attention wasn't paid during installation. You also knew
that you could easily have your GEN I mount replaced at no charge to you by
simply calling ADM.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this post?

5.56 Five0
6 January 2008, 11:55

6 January 2008, 12:10
Where does it state anywhere what inch pounds to torque to?

If your GEN I mount didn't state the inch/pound recommendation, it would only make sense to contact the manufacturer before cranking something to the point of destruction, yes?

I also have read MOST of the threads on TOS but I had no idea or could not recall which version of the mount I had (most of those threads have been locked).

Again, when in doubt it helps to confirm before execution, no? For what its worth, you have my number, its toll-free and you could have easily called and said, hey Jay, I got this mount and not sure about x...

I had issues with this one, tried to get them taken care of without the need for a thread but I couldn't get it done.

What exactly did you do to try to get it taken care of? Did you call ADM? I am sure they would have quickly sorted you out.

I thought impartial reviews is what this site was all about but I must have been mistaken.

It is when you are impartially reviewing a post production product. Not so much when you are picking apart an early pre-production unit with known issues.

I thought I had made a few friends along the way, the ones that knew I would never try to stir up the pot over here, but again, I must have been mistaken.

Posting known issues with a pre-production unit is stirring the pot and certainly isn't impartial nor a fair account of a products worth.

And for what its worth, my battery cover appears to be a little larger than the one in the picture you have suppplied. It is thicker, if you will, but not the double battery module. It will not work with the ADM AD68 mount.

Thicker in which direction? Diameter? Front to rear length? The only thing that would impede use of your optic with an ADM mount would be diameter.

5.56 Five0
6 January 2008, 12:32

6 January 2008, 12:50
How is one supposed to know what is and isn't a pre or post production model? If pre production models had issues then they shouldn't have been sold.

Agreed. However, during our last phone conversation I distinctly remember telling you that the 6 screw models were replaced with 5 screw models. Also, that the threaded inserts were removed completely since people were over torquing them and that the new models had a stainless pin to prevent installing the rings incorrectly. You must have forgotten that bit.

I ASSumed that install would be striaght forward.

It is. Remove one ring half, insert optic, replace ring half and tighten until optic doesn't move.

The dimesions on my battery cap appear to be only larger front to back but it still hits the ring.

Do you have a picture or can you take a picture? I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. It would greatly help in determining the problem.

I did try to call ADM but of course no one answered on Saturday morning. I then sent out a few IM's and emails to others to no avail.

Most businesses aren't open weekends. That said, I think some poeple have grown accustomed to or begun to expect businesses to run 24/7 365 because a select few choose to operate this way.

You are right, if in doubt about execution one should check on it first, but again, if there is a possiblilty that a mount can be installed incorrectly a company SHOULD provide instructions, agreed?


I apologize for any ill feelings. I did not mean to cause you guys any grief. I sent out a few requests for information from people that I thought could help me out after I couldn't get in touch with ADM (benefit of the doubt for Saturday). I did call Stickman but he was unsure of what my issue was and was busy at work. I sent you an IM from TOS and you never got back with me. My initial issue was that I thought I damaged my optic and it upset me.

We all have lives beyond our interent postings. I work 2 full time jobs, do freelance work on the side and try to run a household with 4 kids ( 5th on the way ) and its often not convenient to try and troubleshoot a problem via textual IM's. However, I am never too busy to answer my phone. You are free to call anytime. Weekdays, weekends, evenings, and holidays.

End of story on this.

It certainly isn't end of story. Your problem hasn't been rectified and I won't be satisfied until it is. Get me a picture if possible of your Aimpoint and mount so I can see the ring interference you are having.

This is my last post on your website. If you guys want to delete these posts that will be fine. Thanks again for allowing me to use and post on your website.

You're not going anywhere. ;) And we most certainly won't delete your posts.

6 January 2008, 23:44
I will remind people to review the board rules, and in this case, #4.

Contact the manufacturer in the event of an issue. Regardless of improper installation, defective items, material flaws, cosmetic blemishes, or whatever other problems a reader may feel they have.

Once you have contacted the company/ manufacturer, and have gained information, please feel free to post your results.

18 January 2008, 17:23
Hey guys what in terms of repeatability have you seen with the mounts?

18 January 2008, 18:02
Shihan, I have the Recon-X mount and I took it to the range a couple of weeks go when I got it and I tested the repeatability of the mount with my 6.8SPC at 100 yards using 5 round shot groups (I would have used 10 round shot groups but I didn't have enough ammo). This is what I did: I placed 8 targets at 100 yards and I shot 5 rounds at the first target and confirmed the zero. I then shot 5 more rounds at the #2 target, 5 more rounds at the #3 target, and 5 more rounds at the #4 target just to make sure it was zeroed. I then removed the mount from my upper and put it back in the same spot and fired 5 rounds at the #5 target. I then removed it again and put it back on and shot 5 more rounds at the #6 target. I did this two other times with the #7 and #8 targets. My group sizes were all around 1.5MOA and the zero remained the same with no noticeable change in zero. I'm definitely satisfied that it holds zero. Hope this helps.

18 January 2008, 22:58
Hey guys what in terms of repeatability have you seen with the mounts?

I've run multiple cycles of taking it off, throwing and/ or kicking it down range, then verifying it still shoots the same POA/POI when dropped back on.

Some people act like this is magic, I am the opposite. I'm unimpressed and simply look at this as a standard brought about by CNC work and tolerances.

KAC and ARMS started a good thing, and now there are other manufacturers following in their steps with their own variants. For those of us who actually shoot our weapons, multiple options is a good thing.

23 January 2008, 20:01
Thanks guys, it would make sense that the zero wouldnt change as long as it was pushed forward when mounting each time. The non moving side of the clamping portion isnt going anywhere and probably makes it keep a exact zero.

24 January 2008, 03:37
Hey guys what in terms of repeatability have you seen with the mounts? I've had mine off/on numerous times and I have not observed any point of impact shift.

17 April 2008, 02:27
What is the weight of the High Aimpoint Mount?

1 May 2008, 15:12
I'm thinking about hitting one of mine with alumahyde to see how that works out. I understand the next generation mounts are on the way, or will be shortly.

1 May 2008, 15:37
They are indeed. Make sure you degrease the life out of that thing before you preheat and spray....

1 May 2008, 18:40
Here's mine I just got last week...I love it! I could have chosen the LaRue, but simply went with the ADM because I like its looks and wanted something different than what most people already had. Good choice....it's a solid and well built mount.



1 May 2008, 20:09
I was admiring those pictures on another site, I like them.

2 May 2008, 18:44
They are indeed. Make sure you degrease the life out of that thing before you preheat and spray....

Yea I learned my lesson. I shot a GI magazine, just for grins, with alumahyde and all I did was wash it off. It came out okay, but you can tell I didn't do any prep work on it.

BRD Jerm
8 May 2008, 21:26
any idea on the weight difference between the ADM Cantilever mount and the LT?

29 March 2009, 20:34
I've recently added a Weaver (Classic Extreme Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 1.5-4.5x 24mm Illuminated Dot #4) to the collection, installed in an ADM Recon mount. While the Weaver does not have a reputation as being high-end glass, it's very nice for the money. I'm looking forward to getting some more time behind this.

30 March 2009, 03:08
I almost forgot the Micro T-1 mount. It's been a great addition to the Colt 6520 conversion and stays with the lightweight plan for this carbine.

30 March 2009, 14:34
Just a side note..... Because I'm old and keep forgetting...

I have a standard height, straight up, ADM Aimpoint mount. It will not work with my older Aimpoint Comp M. The battery compartment lid is to large for it. So older Aimpoints may be out of luck. I suppose you could dremel away some material to make it work.

30 March 2009, 14:35
After reading several posts on the ADM Aimpoint mounts, I am now the proud owner of an ADM cantilever mount myself--now only if OpticsPlanet was not so swamped with orders then I would have an Aimpoint to put in that mount..........OpticsPlanet was very good about customer service though and since they were out of the Comp C3, they gave me a Comp ML3 at a very discounted price with three weeks less to wait--so they talked me into it.

On the ADM cantilever mount, this thing is solid on my flattop rail, but like most cantilever mounts, depending on your preference for position, it will obstruct any handguard removal or replacement (like the Magpul MOE handguards or a standard set) because it can hang over them, but since the ADM can be removed and replaced with relatively no effort it's not a problem. You could just move it back some on your rail if you plan to remove the handguards frequently, or get a free float tube that you do not intend to remove often. Bottom line: the ADM mount seems very functional, well-built, well-designed, is very light, and has style. Love the release lever.

23 April 2009, 13:39
hi guys,

is there a comparison/review of both the AD and the LaRue T1 Micro mount ? don't know which one to get...

23 April 2009, 21:02
ADM adjusts without tools.

ADM doesn't cam into the rail.

ADM is available in more heights, but that may or may not be an issue depending on your rail or receiver.

LT and ADM both have good warranty stats, both will work fine for most uses.

Other mounts would include KAC, ARMS, and GG&G. Bobro is coming out with one shorty IIRC. My T-1 lives happily in an ADM mount, and gets swapped around to a lot of different weapons. I've also used the ARMS T-1 mount and had good results, though I haven't used it much.

23 April 2009, 23:13
the digging into the receiver is also something that bothered me. thanks! I think I'll go ADM

24 April 2009, 02:15
I'm hooked on ADM now after buying their Aimpoint Cantilever; I also bought the Recon scope mount for my AR-10 24" bbl.