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9 October 2009, 16:43

I really like the TLR1, with the exception of the thin OEM thumb nut. Digging through my scope ring miscellaneous parts box, I ran across these thumb nut/cross bar combinations. The modification was very simple;

- Disassemble the OEM thumb nut.

- Open up the threaded hole in the OEM locking plate, to accept the replacement cross bar.

- Press fit the replacement cross bar into the recess in the TLR1 locking plate.

- Reassemble the modified thumb nut.

Now the TLR1 is easier to install and tighten by hand, and is easier to further tighten down with what ever may be available and inserted into the open “coin slot” of the new thumb nut (coin, knife blade, ect.). The OEM thumb nuts “coin slot” was simply too shallow, and easily stripped out. The thumb nut overall, was too thin with minimal serrations to adequately torque by hand.



28 November 2010, 14:08
After receiving a few emails and IM’s regarding more details on my TLR-1 thumb-nut mod, I decided to update this tutorial.

Most of the questions focused around the source of the components required to complete the mod. The components required for the modification were taken from a standard Weaver 1” scope ring.

I hope this info along with updated photos, can help clarify the procedures and parts required to one of my earliest tutorials here at Weapon Evolution.

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 1.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 2.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 3.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 4.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 5.JPG

http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR 6.JPG

12 December 2010, 12:13

12 December 2010, 14:58
Great Mods, Quib...nice job!

12 December 2010, 15:01
Thanks TB. [:)]

4 January 2011, 18:09
More on the TLR-1 Switch Mod: http://www.weaponevolution.com/forum/showthread.php?2856-TLR-1-Switch-modification&p=26743#top

2 January 2012, 08:15
http://quib.weaponevolution.com/TLR-1 SWITCH MOD.png