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9 October 2009, 15:45
Those of you who utilize the Midwest Industries QD Rear Sling Adapter may be interested in this quick modification which limits the rotation of the swivel to prevent the sling from becoming twisted.


Impressed with the Daniel Defense Sling Mount, and its built-in rotation limit, I decided to modify my MI sling swivel mount to do the same.


Parts needed:

- One steel washer with an inner diameter which will accept the MI included cap screws. ( I used a Cadmium plated “AN-Spec” aircraft washer.)
- Cold Bluing for touch-up of the washer.
- Extra cap screw included with the MI Sling Adapter.
- Loctite 242


I proceded as follows:

- Removed the rear short MI cap screw.
- Removed the cadmium plating from the washer.
- Applied Cold Bluing for touch-up of the washer.
- Slide the washer over the longer MI cap screw.
- Applied Loctite 242 to the screw threads.
- Tightened screw.

Now the cap screws head sits up higher from the sling adapter, acting as a rotation stop.


10 November 2009, 16:11
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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