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15 October 2009, 02:28
On a recent carbine build I was looking at keeping things relatively lightweight, inexpensive, yet something that could be relied on when needed. About the same time, EOTech was releasing their new XPS series. I opted for the XPS2-0, which is the version without night-vision capability. It also has the familiar reticle with a 1 MOA center dot surrounded by a 65 MOA circle. The XPS is powered by a single 3 volt 123 lithium battery. While not as common or cheap as a AA battery, the 123 batteries are not difficult to find and most of us seem to have a Sufefire light or something similar that runs on 123s, so they're always handy. EOTech claims 600 hours battery life on setting 12.

EOTech web page with specs. (http://www.eotech-inc.com/product.php?id=28&cat=2)


The battery is transverse mounted and the battery compartment is elevated, which allows the XPS to take up less rail space than any of EOTech's other optics. This also makes access to the rear-mounted controls and the rear BUIS (MBUS, in this case) easier. When moved all they way forward on the upper receiver, the battery compartment rides over the delta ring.

The click adjustments are .5 MOA and the adjustment directions are clearly marked in white on the protective hood.


I mounted the XPS directly to the upper receiver using the supplied slotted thumb-nut screw. EOtech recommends tightening 3/4 of a turn after resistance is felt, which is supposed to be about 17 in lbs. A coin or screwdriver can be used.

After zeroing the iron sights, I adjusted the center dot so that it was on the tip of the front sight. This got me very close to where I wanted to be at 25 yards and after a few more groups, I was dialed with my preferred 50 yard zero.

I've been shooting EOTech optics for over 10 years, so I was very familiar with the reticle and the operation of the unit was virtually identical to what I've been using. The big 65 MOA circle is easy to pick up and fast for CQB type shooting and the 1 MOA dot allows for greater precision for distance shots.

There really were not any surprises when running the XPS. For folks that like EOTech optics they will like the XPS. It performed as expected. I'm still on the original battery after several range sessions. However, I wish that EOTech could some up with a way to increase the battery life. I understand that the laser used in the EOTech sucks down more battery juice the the LED in the Aimpoint. This review will not deteriorate into a EOTech vs Aimpoint debate, but the end user needs to understand what each optic is capable of.


As an incentive, EOTech is currently offering a $50 rebate (http://eotech-inc.com/documents/EOTechRebateProgram.pdf) good from 10-15-09 to 12-31-09. Pricing is around $469.

20 April 2011, 21:28
A short update. The original battery supplied with the XPS indicated low when I last turned the optic on. I have no idea how many hours were on the battery, so I decided to begin a test, albeit unscientific. I've been powering up the optic twice a day, using the up arrow, which runs the EOTech for 8 hours and then it shuts off. When the current battery trips the low battery indicator, I'll update it here. Call me a skeptic, but I doubt I will get up to the advertised 600 hours.

9 May 2011, 21:37
It has gone through 50 cycles now, so 400 hours of run time. I still doubt I'll get 600 hours out of it. The battery is use is a Sanyo CR123A.

24 May 2011, 01:19
75 cycles, 600 hours and the XPS is still going.

24 June 2011, 06:11
It took a couple of months, but I have finally depleted the battery and I was very surprised at the results. I went through 150 cycles, at 8 hours per, for a total of 1,200 hours. At this point, the low battery indicator (blinking reticle at start up) kicked in and the test was discontinued. Given that the manufacturer rates it at 600 hours and this test doubled that, I would question the results if I had not done it myself. Yes, this is indeed only a sample of 1 and no, I do not have plans to run it again. This was merely done to satisfy my own curiosity.