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29 October 2009, 12:28
I like to think I have a pretty good idea of how NFA rules work, but I do have the following question.

If I have a registered m16 receiver, I can put any length barrel on the gun I want without incurring another tax as MG's are not restricted to any barrel length.

Does this also apply to registered drop in auto sears? Or would a receiver that has a sear in it also need a tax stamp to have a shorter than 16" barrel?

No need to post with disclaimers as to not being a lawyer, or if you are an attorney not being legal advice. I'm just looking for a consensus answer.

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6 December 2009, 09:11
The RDIAS is the MG and can be dressed up any way you like... SBR, etc.

However, when the RDIAS is out of the host receiver, you can't leave a short barrel on the lower.

If I had an RDIAS, I'd have one Host receiver and move barrels and parts around the lower to keep things legit.

Army Chief
6 December 2009, 11:08
That is my understanding, as well. The sear is, for all intents and purposes, the machinegun; as such, the configuration of the host weapon can conform to machinegun rules while the sear is installed. When the sear is absent, the host weapon must be restored to a non-restricted configuration with respect to both barrel and overall length.

These legal complexities, coupled with the vulnerability of the sear itself, explain why a registered-receiver MG (esp. an original M-16) is always going to be the most desirable -- and costly -- variant among Title II ARs.