View Full Version : For an accurate SPR build, and some questions

19 November 2007, 19:47
..can I please get a list of what 'should' be included? I have a spare lower, 20" gov profile bbl, bipod, spare parts, etc. I'll need the tube, upper, comp, grip and some BUIS's.

Also, are SPR still being used by forces or have then been replaced with a new platform? If so, then what was the replacement.

If there are avialable pics, then by all means [:)]

This is my next project to drop some money into and it is a platform I do not yet own. I figure it would be a good first post here to help get me going.

I have a A2 stock, that I would like to use -or- should I be looking at a PRS, VLTOR, etc?



ETA: Crap, looks like my 1s post and its in the wrong forum :o

20 November 2007, 07:38
Are you looking into building a Mod 0 or Mod 1? Are you trying to replicate one with the correct parts? Anyway...

They're basically the same upper, someone correct me if I'm wrong on parts nomenclature:

Douglas 18" SPR barrel (Mod 0. Mod 1)
PRI FF Tube + ARMS PEQ 2 3 Rail, ARMS 40 rear and PRI FU/GB Front (Mod0)
KAC FF Long rail, KAC Front and Rear BUIS, KAC lo pro gas block (Mod 1)
OPS INC Brake, collar, 12th suppressor on both
PRI Gas buster CH
Stock basically depends on what you prefer

Of course you can use whatever combo you like or replace other parts. I think the SPR's are still in use, not sure though.

24 November 2007, 12:10
The parts appear to be complete. I've read elsewhere that the lower boasts a KAC two-stage FCG and optics is a Leupold M3 LR or MK4 MR/T Illuminated.

After seeing it first-hand, the MOD1 is still in use today. I am not sure of the MOD0.

ETA: Old pic of my MOD0 build (on right). It's wearing an LMT SOPMOD now.