View Full Version : Mossberg Schematics vs Reality

9 November 2009, 03:42
Took my 930 SPX apart for cleaning the other day & couldn't locate the Gas Seal Ring that is shown in Fig 10 in the owners manual. Then I removed the threaded ring that holds the spring in the lug welded under the barrel & the gas ring was under the spring. When I re-assembled the gun I put the seal ring in front of the gas piston as shown on the diagram (Fig 10, page 12 of the owners manual) but I'm not 100% certain that's correct. Anyone know where it's REALLY supposed to be located? I tried called Mossberg but couldn't get a live person to speak to.


10 November 2009, 06:30
PM sent.
The piston and seal sometimes end up trapped in the lug under the barrel. You should be able to just shake them out or pull them out. They aren't actually threaded into the lug.