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13 November 2009, 16:57
Paulo Santos pointed me here saying this is a forum with friendly people and good information. I just registered and thought I would introduce myself before I started posting.

I spent six and a half active duty years in the U.S. Marines as a rifleman and a Marine Security Guard (embassy guard). Years served were 1987 to 1993. I am an avid firearms enthusiast and reloader. I have been a full time police officer for eleven years and a member of our swat team for ten years.

I'm looking forward to learning about new weapons, equipment, and ideas.


13 November 2009, 17:21
Welcome aboard brother. Can't eait to see the info on the REPR.

19 November 2009, 21:49
Hey guys, thanks for the privilege - no need to reply but just a quick test and intro. I'm 63 and have owned various weapons most all of my life. This past year has seen me with renewed interest in shooting and guns and I've recently acquired 2 new pistols, an AR and a shotgun. I'm loaded with questions (no pun, of course) but will try not to waste your time with any but the more pressing and hopefully intelligent ones. Meantime, I'll try to feel my way around here enough to know whats-what and then jump into the fray!


19 November 2009, 22:01
Welcome aboard John.

22 November 2009, 10:09
Welcome to WEVO Sir. [:)]

2 December 2009, 15:59
Welcome from a fellow noobie!