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3 December 2009, 13:33
I'd been planning on getting Raven Concealment PhantomLC (light compatible) holsters for my Glocks, and just learned that the gun without light does not fit securely. Major bummer. I've heard fantastic things about RCS stuff. So I'm back to the drawing board.
My question is:
Who makes a "quality" kydex light compatible holster that will securely hold my Glock without the light attached?


4 January 2010, 23:42
My Safariland 6360 sls holds my Glock 22 without the light securely.

Urban Tactical Gear
5 January 2010, 05:38
stupid question. if your buying a holster that will fit your weapon with the light attached.... why would you take it off?

look one thread down and there is an itw holster i just wrote up. Also look at the blade-tech line. i'm now shopping around for a drop and offset (not drop leg) belt holster.

5 January 2010, 07:11
G-Code SOC rig will do the trick .
The SOC rig , you can change the lower cowling to modify it to either accept with or without lights .

I know of many whom shoot either/or , with/without lights . Just train enough to know the difference between the two options in relation to fit , feel , and mindset .

Gene @ HSGI

6 January 2010, 11:57
Urban, good question.
With the advent of more qd lights, like the Insight XTI/WX150, the ability to disconnect them to use as a flashlight (search w/o pointing gun)or use on other weapons makes more and more sense to me. Handing it off or losing it becomes more of a possibility. Next question will be why not just carry an extra flashlight. As a generally rule the less I need to grab and or find a place to carry the better.

I should have been more specific about exactly what I'm looking for:
Belt mount -OWB
High ride
Light compatible (the more variations its compatible with the better)
1 for a Glock 34/35
1 for a Glock 21sf (pic rail ambi mag)

Triplebravo- thanks your recommendation about the Safariland it got me looking harder at them. I did find the 6360 was mid-ride. (believe I could by an adapter to make it high though….)

G-Code. Looks interesting. Not much info about the SOC. Just talked to Scott from the company he is sending me more info. He did say that he does NOT recommend using the SOC light compatible holsters w/o the light. He recommend swapping out the lower cowl (3 screws) for the non-light version just you indicated High-Speed.

In my head the option that will work w/o modification is the best option.

Here's what I've found thus far.
1. Blade Tech no go (I actually live close to them, wish they worked)
2. SideArmor will work with an adjustment from a hex key...not ideal
interesting note: their holsters fit with most any light and some light/laser combos
3. Safariland is a serious pain in the ASS. Talked to them 3 different times and got 3 different answers..Nice.
Using their "will fit" chart for pistols w/lights (which evidently is NOT conclusive) http://www.safariland.com/DutyGear/info/willfit/PT%203%20%20Duty-Tactical%20holsters%20with%20Lights-Pistols-11-12-09.pdf
I noticed the 6004/6005 work for Glock35's and 21sf w/pic rail. Evidently the 6287 model is the same SLS holster as the 6004/6005 but is high ride belt fit. According to the chart these "SHOULD" work.

G34/35- #6287-6832-61 (SLS, High ride, plain black, right hand)
G21sf- #6287-3832-61 (SLS, High ride, plain black, right hand)

Now...these is some debate about whether the g21sf model will work w/pic rail and ambi release...Whatever....!!!!!

So as much as it pains me I'm going to do more investigation on the Safariland stuff and head down to a stocking dealer to try and sort this mess out.


Urban Tactical Gear
6 January 2010, 12:32
it's been my experience that safariland has telemarketers that work their phone systems rather than someone that actually knows the product.

6 January 2010, 13:39
For off duty and training use I use a Sidearmor kydex holster. I would have to say it is the finest kydex holster I have used and I'm also an owner of several Blade-Tech and Fist holsters. The holster also works fine without my Surefie X200B.

15 January 2010, 21:23
2nd on Sidearmor & Blade-tech, I use both for work.

http://i659.photobucket.com/albums/uu319/horseplay/Glock/IMG_5353.jpg Sidearmor holster